40 Best Woodworking Shops On Etsy [2023]

top selling wood and woodworking shops on etsy

Discover your new favorite high quality, rustic wood designs. From chairs to one of a kind décor items, handmade wooden signs & wooden game pieces. What is it about something made from wood that gives you that special feeling?

Here are the best woodworking and shops that offer wood creations on Etsy.


1. 1 Man 1 Garage

2. 24 Hour Crafts

3. 48 Hour Monogram

4. Alexander Laser Design

5. All This Wood

6. Anne Layne Too

7. Back 40 Life

8. Benchmark Signs Gifts

9. Blocks Of Love

10. Blue Ridge Engraving

11. Buildeez

12. Busy Puzzle

13. Church House Woodworks

14. Craft Supply House

15. Dindin Toys

16. Engrave My Memories

17. Enjoy The Wood

18. From Jennifer

19. Garo Signs

20. Glad Folk

21. Haven America

22. Kobasic Creations

23. Lisa Bees

24. Love Joy Store

25. Mady Kay Designs

26. Mielkes Fiber Arts

27. MRC Wood Products

28. My Personal Memories

29. Personalized Gallery

30. Precision Engraving

31. Rustic Flitch

32. Signature Cutouts

33. So Good So Wood

34. Southbend Woodworks

35. Swag Gear

36. Trimble Crafts

37. Vallari Decor

38. Weddings Decor And More

39. Xcalibur Ink

40. Yippee Daisy


Hope you found this wood list seller list helpful! It's a great resource for anyone looking for the gifts, crafts supplies and more.

If you know anyone else in the market for handmade wood goodies make sure to share it with them. There are some great deals on there that they won't want to miss out on! Till next time.

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