13 Top Selling CASTING RESINS [2023]

Best casting resins for this year. When it comes to bringing your creative visions to life, achieving flawless and lasting results often hinges on the choice of the right casting resin.

Casting resins are the unsung heroes behind intricate sculptures, intricate jewelry, stunning tabletops, and a myriad of DIY projects that require precision and durability.

In this exploration, we list the best casting resins, unveiling the finest options available to help you craft your dreams into reality. 

Here's the quick list!


1. Promise Epoxy

Promise, also known as Pro Marine, is commonly used in a variety of creative and DIY projects, such as epoxy resin art, woodworking, jewelry making, and more.

Pro Marine Supplies' epoxy resins are recognized for their high-quality finish, clarity, and UV resistance.

2. Art N Glow

They offer a range of epoxy resins, glow powders, and other materials that allow artists and crafters to create unique and luminescent resin projects.

3. Let's Resin

A brand that specializes in epoxy resins, pigments, molds, and other materials used in various resin art and craft projects. They offer a range of products for resin casting, jewelry making, and other creative applications.

4. Teexpert

5. Counter Culture DIY

Counter Culture DIY is a brand specializing in epoxy and resin products for a variety of creative and DIY applications. They offer a range of epoxy resin systems and products designed for crafting, woodworking, and various artistic projects.

Counter Culture DIY's epoxy resins are known for their high-quality finish, clarity, and ease of use, making them popular among artisans, artists, and crafters.

6. Alumilite Casting Resin

Alumilite casting resin is a well-known and popular brand of casting resin that is highly regarded for its quality and versatility.

Alumilite resins are favored by artisans, crafters, and professionals for a wide range of applications, including jewelry making, woodworking, and various art and craft projects.

7. Beast Bond

8. Janchun

A good quality resin for jewelry and casting pours for geode resin art.

9. Kisrel

10. WiseBond

11. Craft Resin

Craft Resin is a trusted and highly sought-after casting resin that has earned its reputation for providing exceptional UV resistance, bubble-free curing, and incredible durability.

12. Dr. Resin

DR Resin stands as a premium casting resin celebrated for its versatility and superior ease of use, catering to a wide range of artistic applications with good results.

13. J Diction Resin

J Diction Resin is a top-tier casting resin renowned for its exceptional clarity and ultra-smooth finish, making it the ideal choice for crafting intricate and visually stunning resin projects.

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