16 Best Yarn Shops On Etsy [2023]

Top selling yarn shops on Etsy

When you are searching for the perfect yarn to complete your projects, here are some top selling shops that have offer yarn and yarn supplies. 

Whenever you need unique yarn for your socks, sweaters and blankets, these shops will have exactly what you are looking for. Shop for white eyelash yarn, colorful cashmere, mohair and alpaca blends.


1. Alice In Stitches Arts | USA | 30K+ sales

Check out their selection of wool for sweaters and blankets. Their natural wool & fabric is perfect for keeping you cozy and comfortable all season long. 

2. Brokemarys | USA | 70K+ sales

This shop has a large selection of yarn, patterns and thread. Their yarn selection is amazing and they have lots of colors and patterns to choose from.

3. Cutie Outfits By Bell | USA | 20K+ sales

When you are looking for yarn and handmade outifts, this shop has unique colors and designs.

4. Dye For Wool | Germany | 20K+ sales

This shop hand dyes small batches of natural yarns in vibrant colors. They have a large selection to mix and match for your projects.

5. Edgewood Garden Studio | USA | 20K+ sales

Gorgeous handspun yarn, hand dyed yarn and hand painted roving that is hand dyed. They take pride in their color selection for their wool and yarns.

6. Estambres Com | USA | 80K+ sales

When you are looking for knitting, crochet & embroidery supplies this shop will have what you need. They have a large selection and their customers are loving their customer service.


7. Julia L Craft | USA | 20K+ sales

One of the most popular items from this shop is their silk ribbon yarn. They offer pulled Mulberry roving, recycled ribbons and more.

8. Knitted Home London | UK | 40K+ sales

This shop offers a wide collection of natural yarn and fibers.

9. Leamigurumi | Germany | 100K+ sales

Not only will you find patterns and charts, this shop also carries tools for your creations too.

10. Shop Yarn Love | USA | 1K+ sales 

A great selection of yarn that has excellent feedback and customer service.

11. Silk Divine | Canada | 50K+ sales

Customers are enjoying this shops large selection of silk ribbons, yarns and weaving supplies. The shop owner is dedicated to her clients and provides them with excellent customer service.

12. Slim Chicken | USA | 70K+ sales

One of the most loved items from this shop is their Merino wool and ribbons. They offer luxury fibers with unique colors.

13. Sun Yarn Studio | Lithuania | 80K+ sales

Known for their super fast shipping, this shop will usually get your orders out within about 24 hours. They offer cotton, cashmere, wool and natural fibers.

14. The Magic Yarns | Bulgaria | 40K+ sales

Specializing in quality thread & yarn like linen, angora, cotton, microfiber and more.

15. Yarn Shop 4 U | USA | 90K+ sales

Customers are loving this shops wide selection of chunky wools that are super soft. This family run business offers excellent customer service.

16. Yarn Stories | Lithuania | 60K+ sales

This shop has so many listing for cross stitch, embroidery and wool in vibrant colors. Check out their linen color palettes.

In Closing: We hope you found some perfect yarn for your projects from our list. Whether you're knitting, crocheting, or working on any other craft, the right yarn can make all the difference. If you have any more questions or need further assistance in the future, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy crafting!

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