52 Best Pet Supply Shops On Etsy [2022]

best pet supply shops on etsy

Here are the best shops on Etsy that sell pet supplies and pet accessories. These shops provide excellent customer service and have a great selection of items whenever you need a gift for a pet lover. When you want to treat your pet to a new collar or have a custom portrait of your cat, dog or bird you will find exactly what you need in these amazing shops. 

1. 3 Pooches | USA 30K+ sales

2. Aaron Albrecht | USA 30K+ sales

3. Aquarium Plant Center USA 20K+ sales

4. Bad Tags USA 40K+ sales

5. Blessing And Light USA 60K+ sales

6. Bronze Dog Ukraine 50K+ sales

7. Bugco USA 20K+ sales

8. Caroline Storm USA 20K+ sales

9. Collar Direct Ukraine 80K+ sales

10. Collars By Design USA 20K+ sales

11. Critter Bling USA 20K+ sales

12. CSJ Creations USA 30K+ sales

13. Day Dog Designs USA 20K+ sales

14. Dog Charms USA 20K+ sales

15. Doggone Tags USA 20K+ sales

16. Draw Your Portrait USA 30K+ sales

17. Duke And Fox USA 50K+ sales

18. Eastcoast Engraving USA 30K+ sales

19. Fido's Fashion Collars USA 20K+ sales

20. Funky Mutt USA 20K+ sales

21. Genius Leather Shop USA 30K+ sales

22. Gracies Paw Prints USA 20K+ sales

23. Go Go Cute Puppy USA 50K+ sales

24. Heatley Dog Collars Canada 20K+ sales

25. Howlin Tags USA 20K+ sales

26. Huggable Hound USA 30K+ sales

27. Joyful Moose USA 50K+ sales

28. Loving Wings Designs USA 30K+ sales

29. Made By Cleo USA 100K+ sales

30. Pet Paw Teek USA 20K+ sales

31. Pinky's Pet Gear USA 20K+ sales

32. Poochy Couture USA 20K+ sales

33. Providence Engraving USA 70K+ sales

34. Puddle Jumper Pups USA 120K+ sales

35. Pugs 2 Persians USA 70K+ sales

36. Sandy Paws Collar Co USA 50K+ sales

37. Shop Mimi Green USA 20K+ sales

38. Sophia And Friends USA 30K+ sales

39. Stamped With Passion USA 130K+ sales

40. Susabella USA | 150K+ sales

41. Sweet Pickles Designs USA 20K+ sales

42. Tag Pup USA 50K+ sales

43. The Copper Poppy USA 40K+ sales

44. The Land Locked Dog Two USA 60K+ sales

45. The Mad Stampers USA 80K+ sales

46. The Wooden Willow USA 40K+ sales

47. Two Jays Creative USA 40K+ sales

48. Very Vintage USA | 40K+ sales

49. Voyagers K9 Apparel USA 20K+ sales

50. Wagologie USA 20K+ sales

51. Wood Printz UK 30K+ sales

52. Zaley Designs USA 20K+ sales