19 Top Selling FURNITURE SHOPS On Etsy [2023]

top furniture sellers on etsy

Here are the top selling furniture shops on Etsy. When you are searching for unique and one of a kind furniture for your décor ideas you will love browsing through these shops to find that special piece.

Whimsical & modern statement pieces to hand painted cabinets. It's all on Etsy.


1. 3ft Furniture | USA 

2. Da Rosa | Canada

3. Haussmann Inc | USA

4. Design 59 Furniture USA

5. Forge Hardware Studio USA 

6. Whitsunday Boho | Australia

7. G Decor Ltd UK

8. JV Home Design | Canada

9. Wood Home Fashion | USA

10. Modern Urban Metals USA

11. Need More Heart USA

12. Doug And Cristy Designs | USA

13. BreakWooden | Vietnam

14. The Nursery Decor | USA

15. Petbitat Studio Hong Kong

16. Pushka Home UK

17. The Wes Emporium UK

18. CFWoodworks LLC | USA

19. Wood And Soil | USA


Hope you found this furniture list helpful! It's a great resource for anyone looking for some fantastic home décor.

If you know anyone else in the market for handmade and new furniture for their home or office make sure to share it with them. There are some great deals on there that they won't want to miss out on!

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