50 BEST Fabric Shops On Etsy [2023]

Whenever you need unique and custom for your projects, these shops will have exactly what you are looking for. Here are some top selling shops that offer specialty fabrics for quilting, upholstery, fashion designs and general sewing projects. 

When you browse these online shops, you'll be able to find pretty much every kind of fabric for any project & creation that you need to bring to life.


1. AA Cotton Creations | USA | 130K+ sales

Visit this shop for organic and natural modern fabrics.

2. Alice Caroline Supply | UK | 30K+ sales

Vibrant liberty prints and fabric from the UK

3. APCFabrics | USA | 10K+ sales

This fabric shop has a beautiful variety of sustainable and eco friendly fabrics like cotton, bamboo & linen that ships from their shop in Beverly Hills, California.

4. Beautiful Work | USA | 50K+ sales

This shop offers stunning Japanese fabric and craft supplies for sewing & quilting.

5. Bella Fabrics | USA | 50K+ sales

A well stocked fabric store that specializes in modern fabrics for sewers.

6. Benzie Design | USA | 100K+ sales

A well established shop that offers wool blend felt, and hand embroidery supplies in lots of beautiful colors.

Big Z Fabric | USA | 80K+ sales

This shop has a great variety of specialty fabrics like poly cotton and sequin fabrics.

8. Blue Pacific Fabrics | USA | 50K+ sales

You can really get creative with over 500 fabrics to choose from for all of your sewing projects.

9. Bobbie Lou Fabric | USA | 140K+ sales

Brose through this shop to find a huge variety of fun, bright fabrics for all sewing and quilting creations.

10. Bywater Fabric | USA | 60K+ sales

High quality novelty quilt cotton fabrics for reasonable prices. They specialize in fabrics from whimsical to steampunk.

11. Cali Quilt Co | USA | 500K+ sales

A huge inventory of fabrics of all shapes, colors and prints. They over thousands of patterns to choose from.

12. Clay Deal | USA | 40K+ sales

High quality and affordable fabrics. This shop offers everything from Christmas designs to animal prints.

13. Cloud Craft Shop | UK | 20K+ sales

This shop offers top quality stitching and craft supplies including 100% pure merino wool felt sheets in many colors.

14. Fabric Divas | USA | 40K+ sales

A wife and husband team who is well stocked up on all kinds of beautiful and hard to find prints.

15. Fabric Fetish | USA | 90K+ sales

A well stocked shop with over 1000 fabric listings. You will definitely find exactly what you need when you are searching for color combinations.

16. Fabric Made | China | 60K+ sales

A large selection of fabrics directly from the China factory.

17. Fabrics And Trimmings | USA | 50K+ sales

Shop for fabrics, trimming and ribbons in all kinds of color combinations and print options.

18. Fabric Shoppe | USA | 100K+ sales

Small fabric scrap bundles.

19. Feather Your Nest | USA | 40K+ sales

Most of this shops cotton fabric is priced by the half yard, and they can cut to custom length for you.

20. Felinus Fabrics | USA | 30K+ sales

A large selection of fashion fabrics, trims & notions.

21. Felt Better | USA | 50K+ sales

Ethically sourced fabrics. This shop supports animal rights and they buy the bulk of their wool from animal sanctuaries.

22. Flying Bulldogs | USA | 30K+ sales

Shop for hard to find designer fabrics for quilting, sewing & home décor projects.

23. Garden Song Fabrics | USA | 100K+ sales

This seller sets an example for providing a great customer experience for their fabrics and patterns.

24. Glitter With Grace Co | USA | 400K+ sales

A power seller that offers a huge selection of fabrics. Their business is based on their passion to provide high-quality fabrics and supplies at low prices.

25. Jackson Wovens | USA | 40K+ sales

The shop owner believes in designing and sourcing the best quality fabrics for their customers. They have a huge selection of prints for all seasons, animals and themes.

26. Janey Mac Shop | USA | 30K+ sales

You know those hard to find fabrics that are a special find? This shop offers hard to find fabrics in all themes and color combinations.

27. Jean Marie's Fabric | USA | 100K+ sales

A family run fabric shop that is always there for their customers to answer any questions.

28. Juniper Blue Textiles | USA | 30K+ sales

Modern fabrics and supplies. Their goal is to always have a good selection of high quality, modern fabrics that are easily accessible to everyone.

29. K Blandford Fabrics | USA | 30K+ sales

Many quilt kits are available from this shop. Browse baby quilt kits and one of a kind originals.

30. Lace Beauty | China | 60K+ sales

All kinds of lace for your projects. All of their items are made with high quality lace and many of their items are made in Taiwan, Japan, England and France.

31. Laminates | USA | 70K+ sales

Browse through over 300+ laminated cotton fabric prints and more.

32. Land Of Oh | South Korea | 40K+ sales

A supplier of cotton, linen, knit, baby and children's fabrics and more. Customers are raving about their fabrics and good shipping options.

33. Mimis | USA | 40K+ sales

A shop that offers multiple half yards and fat quarters that are in one continuous cut.

34. Miss Matatabi | Japan | 100K+ sales

High quality and affordable fabrics in all kinds of designs you can ever imagine. This shop offers everything from holiday designs to animal prints.

35. Modern Quilter | USA | 100K+ sales

They specialize in fabric bundles of popular modern fabric lines and their own selected bundles. They also carry tools, patterns and kits for all your sewing needs.

36. Moona Fabrics | USA | 90K+ sales

Fabric bundles, hard to find fabrics and designer patterns. Customers are raving about their quick shipping and affordable prices.

37. My Heart And Sew | USA | 40K+ sales

Dreamy prints and licensed fabrics from hard to find artists and creators. You will find some unique prints in this shop.

38. Neemerone | USA | 30K+ sales

Shop for holiday fabrics, pre-cut half yard and fat quarter bundle sets. They offer new Ruby Star pre-cuts and speckled Tochi Shibori by the yard.

39. Ottobre Design | Finland | 20K+ sales

This fabric shop will have what you are looking for and is very prompt on answering customer questions. They offer quality products and fabrics.

40. Owl & Drum | USA | 20K+ sales

A shop that offers modern fabrics for sewing & quilting. If you are looking for hard to find modern patterns, take a look at their listings.

41. Peggy Sue Also | USA | 800K+ sales

Can you even imagine this shop being close to 1M sales?! They have a huge customer base and they offer high quality fabrics and excellent customer service.

42. Sew Me A Song | USA | 40K+ sales

You'll find a collection of Japanese prints from Yuwa, Lecien and more as well as a fun assortment of text, low volume, and slightly quirky prints. 

43. Spoonflower | USA | 900K+ sales

All fabric and wallpaper is custom made-to-order from this shop. You can see all of their current production estimates on each listing.

44. Sweet Pea Fabrics UT | USA | 20K+ sales

Beautiful quilters and high quality fabric with fast shipping.

45. The Felt Pod | USA | 200K+ sales

Shop for wool felt, wool felt balls, felt shapes and fabric. This shop offers quick turnarounds for their orders.

46. The HeyDay Shop | Taiwan | 20K+ sales

A sewing shop that carries fabric, sewing buttons, accessories supplies.

47. The Sproutz Store | USA | 50K+ sales

Fun and playful designs. This shop offers kits, fabric and sewing supplies.

48. Warm Kitty Quilts | USA | 80K+ sales

Cute and adorable warm kitty quilts, modern quilting fabrics and sewing supplies.

49. WunderlandEtc | USA | 30K+ sales

Step into the wondrous world of fabric with WunderlandEtc! This curated fabric shop offers a vast array of fabric, from quilting fabric to upholstery fabric and apparel fabric.

50. Zeet Zeet | USA | 20K+ sales

You'll find a collection of vintage fabric prints for all holidays and a great assortment of animals, comics, and whimsical prints. 

Thanks for joining us today! We hope this list is helpful for finding cool fabric shops on Etsy. Share this around with others who will enjoy going through these fabric shops too.

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