16 Top Selling Dolls & Doll Supplies On Etsy [2023]

top selling dolls and doll supplies

We want to start this post off by thanking all of you for visiting our blog. We know many of you are crafters, doll makers, or needlework enthusiasts who are looking for a place to buy supplies.

Do you find yourself spending too much time searching for the right supplies to keep your hobby alive? Are you interested in learning how to make dolls, but don't know where to start? 

The shop owners below are the best places to buy doll making supplies, materials that are needed and even some PDF charts so you can make your own adorable dolls!

Whether you're looking for something quick and easy or want an elaborate project that's perfect for beginners, this blog post is sure to spark inspiration. So get ready because we're about to embark on a journey into the world of doll-making!

best doll making supplies 

Doll making and doll collecting is alive and well on Etsy. Here are the top selling doll & doll supply shops that offer one of a kind dolls and supplies to make your own dolls.

If you want to try your hand at making custom dolls or want to purchase handmade artisan dolls, these shops will have doll and doll supplies from plush dolls to Blythe dolls.


1. Acorns And Twigs

Visit this shop for felting supplies and doll felting kits.

2. Mary Jane's Tea Room

Doll and animal toy knitting patterns from little bears to 15" dolls.

3. Caro Created

Crochet doll patterns. Most of their patterns come in a PDF file which contains full instructions for crocheting and finishing off the doll.

4. Cloud Craft Shop

This shop offers top quality stitching and craft supplies for doll making and more.

5. Crafty Wool Felt

One stop shop for doll accessories and threads. They carry everything from cotton ribbon to felting embellishments.

6. Divinity Fibers

Felting and doll making supplies like Marino wool and mohair for doll wigs.

7. Capes And More

This shop offers handmade capes and color your own, plush doll kits.

8. Gingermelon

A large selection of doll making patters and doll supplies.

9. The Doll Planet Hair

Re-rooting supplies, doll making tools, needles & doll hair to make custom dolls.

10. Dibsies

Personalized dolls and plush cuddle bears

11. I Sew For Doll

Tiny zippers, buttons, buckles for dolls and more!

12. Leamigurumi

This shop offers doll patterns, doll and mini doll supplies.

13. Miss Blythe

Shop for everything Blythe dolls. This shop offers Blythe clothes, accessories and doll furniture.

14. The Designing Rose

Handmade clothing and accessories for dolls. The shop owner make beautiful dresses, outfits and doll jewelry.

15. Wild Lavender Goods

Adorable handmade dolls for keepsake gifts.

16. Charm Craft Store

Shop for beautiful doll wigs in all colors and lengths.

Dolls are a hobby that has been around for centuries. For those of you who want to create your own custom dolls, we hope you found your new favorite places where you can find high quality supplies and tools.

best doll shops on etsy

If this article helped answer any questions or spark new ideas for your project, please share it with someone else who might be interested in getting started on their very first doll too!


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