32 Top Selling Crochet Shops On Etsy [2022]

top crochet shops on etsy

Here are the top sellers and shops that offer the finest handmade crochet blankets, hats, stuffed animals, fashion accessories, plant holders and supplies. If you want to try your hand at making a crochet design, some of these shops also offer unique pattern designs too.


1. Alyse Crochet | USA | 20K+ sales

2. Amber Craft Store USA 50K+ sales

3. Amour Fou Crochet Argentina 20K+ sales

4. Aradiya Toys Ukraine | 50K+ sales

5. Bago Day Crochet 50K+ sales

6. Bunnies And Yarn Mexico | 30K+ sales

7. Chiqui Pork Spain | 20K+ sales

8. Crafting Happiness UK UK | 20K+ sales

9. Crafty Intentions USA |40K+ sales

10. Heart Hook Home USA | 20K+ sales

11. Heidi Bears 20K+ sales

12. Irarott Patterns Canada | 70K+ sales

13. Kayte Dids USA 30K+ sales

14. Knot Yourself Out Canada | 80K+ sales

15. Krawka Poland | 30K+ sales

16. Lalylala Germany | 120K+ sales

17. Lau Loves Crochet 30K+ sales

18. Lyubava Patterns | Cyprus | 20K+ sales

19. My Cro Wonders | Russia | 20K+ sales

20. My Krissie Dolls Netherlands 30K+ sales

21. Pam Pino Store Russia 20K+ sales

22. R Nata Belgium 20K+ sales

23. Ruby Webbs USA | 80K+ sales

24. Simply Made By Erin USA | 20K+ sales

25. Stacie 71 USA | 30K+ sales

26. Sweet Oddity Art 30K+ sales

27. The Hat And I I USA | 140K+ sales

28. The Lillie Pad USA | 20K+ sales

29. The Little Hook Crochet  Australia | 20K+ sales

30. Theresa's Crochet Shop USA | 60K+ sales

31. Toys Were Us Patterns 40K+ sales

32. Vendulka M Czech Republic | 20K+ sales