8 BEST Book Shops On Etsy [2023]

top book sellers on etsy

Did you know that there are fabulous book shops on Etsy? Yes, you can shop for new titles as well as vintage and hard to find books too. Here are the top book shops to help you find a perfect book to read or for your décor accents.

If you love the feel of a good book in your hands, the smell of fresh paper, and pages that have been well loved by their previous owners then this shopping guide is for you.

Etsy has some amazing shops selling used books so if you are looking to add a little bit of literature to your life without spending a ton on new books, check out these great shops! 


1. Beespoked Studio | UK | 20K+ sales

A family run business that provides customized planners & books.

2. Books Liquidation | USA | 7K+ sales

Imagine a world without books. A world where knowledge is lost and children grow up without the benefit of stories, imagination, or learning. This shop offers an array of books in bulk.

3. Engraving Kings | USA | 40K+ sales

Shop for unique custom bullet planner books and gifts that can be customized.

4. Exsect | USA | 20K+ sales

Decorative books for home décor & gifts

5. Journaling Jane | USA | 60K+ sales

This shop specializes in journals from mostly recycled paper products.

6. Laurel Denise | USA | 50K+ sales

Shop for planners, stationery & customized books.

7. Mister Scribbles | USA | 50K+ sales

Visit this shop for personalized journals.

8. Posy Paper | Canada | 50K+ sales

You will find planner books for any time of year in this shop.

We wish you luck and hope you find the perfect books! You can find just about any book online from old classics to new best sellers and everything in between. Happy reading!