7 Best YouTube Channels For Artisan Marketing [2023]

Here are some of the very best YouTube channels to binge watch for marketing. 

Etsy is the place where you can get all the handmade merchandise and collectibles. From jewelry to vintage furniture, art, clothing, gifts, and other amazing crafts and items, the online market has it all.

This online giant surpasses its competitors when it comes to handmade merchandise and craft supplies. It can be regarded as the biggest online marketplace for handmade and crafted merchandise.

best marketing youtube channels

When you want to learn about how to market your business or learn how to get more customers these are great channels to binge watch. Grab your pens and take notes. Here are some of the best YouTube channels to help grow your business.

Best YouTube Channels Marketing

1. Pam Duthie

The first on this list of Best YouTube Channels for Etsy shop marketing is Pam Duthie Channel. Pam Duthie is an entrepreneur and a top seller on Etsy. Based out of the United Kingdom, she runs her YouTube Channel with over 15k subscribers. 

Pam creates content where she offers courses and mentorship on Etsy. She offers all sorts of advice on all things Etsy. You will find product reviews and tips for selling your craft.


2. Lauren Thurmond

"If you're ready to start driving insane traffic to your Etsy shop with Pinterest then you're in the right place! I share all of my best secrets for driving traffic and getting more sales on Etsy using Pinterest."


3. Adrienne Carrie Hubbard

Adrienne is a blogger, jewelry artist, Etsy seller, and YouTuber. Adrienne currently lives in the U.S, but she started her Etsy Shop 11 years ago while in Canada. She established Crafty Little Gnome when she had no background in making jewelry. But today, she is a tutor and one of the top sellers on Etsy. Not only does she market her products, Adrienne also teaches people how to sell their arts and crafts on Etsy.

Adrienne also sells custom-made necklaces in her Etsy store. She combines blogging, with YouTube in order to promote her Crafty Little Gnome company. Adrienne has videos for beginners where she teaches on making sales in Etsy.

4. Kate Hayes

"Join us as we talk about small business strategy, Etsy tips, family life, and allllllll the things! We hope you’ll stick around and subscribe! Can’t wait to get to know you 😘"


5. Cassie Smallwood

Meet Cassie, an entrepreneur, Etsy shop owner, and YouTuber. As a young girl, she had a creative mind and always looked destined to do something related to art. In 2016, she bought her first machine and started crafting. It was then she started her Etsy shop and would eventually become a success at it.

Cassie has a YouTube channel where she shares her life’s work and shares tips for selling on Etsy. She is also consistent on her blog where she publishes resources to help sellers with their craft business.

6. Printful

"Subscribe to our channel for the latest ecommerce and print-on-demand tips & tricks!"

7. Chrissy Lilly 

Chrissy is an entrepreneur, blogger, and YouTuber. She is very active on YouTube and uploads content regularly. She uses her experience to help create content for aspiring and struggling online shops owners. She can be seen creating all kinds of content related to e-commerce. 

Chrissy has done a lot of tips and tutorial videos on Etsy. These videos can guide one towards becoming a consistent and big seller.


We've reached the end of our list of the "best YouTube channel for Etsy shop marketing".  It is important to know that Etsy doesn't have its own personal sellers but acts as a middle man to link buyers with sellers. So, these YouTube channels are not in any way officially associated with Etsy. However, they are all great YouTubers, and their content is there to enrich you.


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