19 Ideas To Do Work From Home For Creatives [2023]

There is money to be made online and work from home. To work from home you need a product or service that you can sell. You probably already have one in mind, or you can use this list of ideas as inspiration.


1) Sell Used Books

You know the drill. Visit your local bookstores and ask for books that they don't resell anymore because nobody bought them or because they were returned by customers . They will give it to you for free, sometimes even pay you a few dollars if the book is in good condition!

Of course, some stores might not want to work with a single person like yourself so ask around first before going into the store. Then you can resell them on Ebay, garage sales or in bulk to other stores in collections.

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2) Vintage Clothing Online

This can work in a similar fashion to selling used books. Find vintage clothing from your local thrift stores and sell them online for a profit. The benefit here is that there is always a market for vintage items, especially when they come from years or decades ago.

If you have a knack for style and know what people want, this could work really well!

Just make sure to take good pictures of your products, work on your descriptions and provide detailed information about sizing.

Also don't forget to work with shipping to make things easier for yourself - ship the item directly from your home address instead of going out of your way weekly to drop off orders at the post office.

3) Sell Your Art

Many people are looking to buy art work that they can hang on their walls. You can check out what is trending on sites like Pinterest or Instagram and create paintings, drawings, murals or other work inspired by those trends.

Take requests from people who follow you too! If you have a flair for creative work, this could work really well.

Good pictures of your work, decent paint skills and options for custom orders will go a long way for this business idea.

4) Make Necklaces From Vintage Items

You can find tons of old items used as parts for necklacing - bangles , beads , coins and more.  All these little pieces together create some awesome jewelry .

You just need to string them together into some pretty designs and you can work with customers to create custom orders.

5) Work With Plant Pots

Homeowners and gardeners tend to need pots all year round. You can work with local shops and take their old plant pots, clean them up and sell them online for a profit.

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6) Classically Trained Music Teachers

Are you a musician? Then look no further than teaching music lessons via Zoom or start a YouTube channel teaching others.

There's the whole world out there and students who need your help. You can work with multiple students at once or set up regular sessions depending on what works best for you!

7) Become A Proofreader

There are tons of work at home proofreading opportunities available so if this work from home job fits your work style, start applying for work right away. Start by checking out reputable sites like Fiverr.

You can work with blogs, textbooks and even big name magazines like Forbes!

8) Sell Your Own Recipes Online

Cooking is big business online! If you know how to cook well then look into selling your recipes online.

Start small by offering one recipe for free but also offer the full recipe with step by step instructions on your website so you can work up to selling more.

If your work history is not the best, this work from home idea might be perfect for you!

9) Get Paid To Watch Videos Online

This work at home opportunity goes hand in hand with blogging. You watch videos for companies and get paid for each one of them.

There are several websites that offer this work at home job that you can look up.

10) Sell Online Courses

Creating work from home courses is a great business idea for people with existing work experience. What are the skills you have that others would find useful?

Developing work from home courses will help you give back to the community while also making money! You can work with Microsoft Office, Adobe Premiere or other software programs to show users how to work more efficiently.

11) Become A Virtual Assistant

Are you good at managing schedules and working under pressure? Then being a virtual assistant might be perfect for you.

This work from home job gives you tons of room for creativity - work directly with clients on their projects and handle several tasks like graphic design, event planning & management, content writing etc.

You can work with several clients at once or work directly with one client depending on what works best for you. Check out some ideas on Fiverr.

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12) Work With Your Favorites Online

If your work history is less than stellar, work from home opportunities like this are the best bet when you're applying to jobs online.

If you work with companies that offer affiliate marketing programs, all you have to do is sign up and start promoting their products through your social media accounts. Research affiliate marketing.

13) Be A Product Tester For Big Box Stores

If you want to work at home, work with companies like Walmart or Target and become a product tester! You can work with items like food, cosmetics or other household products directly through their websites. Most have postings right on their sites.

14) Become A Virtual Tutor

There are tons of options when it comes to work from home tutoring - teach English online, work with kids who need help in specific subjects, offer internship programs etc.

Start by checking out reputable work at home jobs sites.

15) Online Career Counselor

There are tons of people looking to find good work from home jobs every day so take advantage! With the economy being so bad, many people turn to work from home opportunities because they are unable to work in traditional work environments.

Become an online career counselor and help them find work at home jobs that work for them.

16) Sell On Etsy

Etsy is one of the most popular work at home job websites on the internet today. You just have to sign up with your email address, set up payment options and you're ready to start selling.

There are tons of items you can sell both new or used - vintage clothes, handmade jewelry, crafts & art etc. The possibilities are endless when it comes to work from home opportunities like this!

There's really no work history required either so if you're starting out fresh, Etsy might be perfect for you!

Check out all of the ideas on Etsy here.

17) Start A Beauty Blog

Blogging is by far one of the most popular work from home jobs today. You work directly with clients on their websites so you have a wide variety of work at home job opportunities available to you.

It doesn't matter what niche you're interested in because there are work from home blogging jobs available for everyone.

Sugar Me Beauty has many nail business guides to help you get started with your beauty and nail art business.

18) Freelance Social Media Manager

Social media is a huge part of every business's marketing & advertising plan and that's where freelance social media managers come into play.

As a work from home mom, I know how difficult it can be to manage all your work from home responsibilities with kids running around but this work from home job is perfect if you enjoy working with social media management tools like Hootsuite or Buffer.

In addition to those work from home job tools, work with companies like Google or Vimeo and help them grow their social media presence.


In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed reading my article as much as we loved writing it. If you want to find out more about working from home, be sure to check back often for new updates on this blog! Thanks again! :-)  

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