5 Ways To Upsell Your Customer For Your Art Business [2023]

Upsell, which in simple terms is getting your customer to make more and higher purchases than initially planned, is a key element for a number of small businesses.

However, improving your average order value as well as the profitability potential can be a daunting task if you have no clue where to even begin! 

If you aim for upselling to everyone, you do not have to go through countless trials and errors yourself to find the right techniques that work!

You need proper research, which we have provided here. These are the top 5 ways to upsell your customer.

how to upsell a customer 


1. Communicate with your customers 

Honesty and business go together and being transparent and upfront with your customers can be fruitful. Nobody likes to be tricked or manipulated into anything and sneaky moves could cost you a solid customer relationship.

So be upfront with your customer regarding which services or products would they like to see you sell. Ty to be upfront and transparent with your prices as well.

Break down the pricing and do not push the upsell above 25% of the original cost. 

2. Understand the customer and their needs 

The one-glove fits all approach will not be helpful in upselling; that is why you need to know your customer and tailor each product to each customer’s needs and goals.

This will make them feel like they are more appreciated and will be more likely to upsell and return.

If you know your customer and their vision for the future, you will easily be able to tailor your packages to fit their needs and with that upsell. 

3. Price it right 

On some occasions, it truly seems like customers can smell an upsell. Mostly this is due to bombing them with upsell offers or incorrect pricing.

We already said that the upsell should be tailored and rich in quality, not quantity, but the pricing matters as well.

Make sure that the upsell you are offering is not too expensive; in fact, it is best that it is half or less of the cost of the original purchase. This means if the original item they are buying is $50, the upsell you are offering should be $25 or $20.

This way, the customer is in the mindset of “I might as well add this too since we are here and it is not that much, considering I am already spending more.” This is a key step for smooth upsell. 

4. Offer extras or payment plans 

But if you want to get higher upsell, then make it so that it looks like it is cheaper! It is the great illusion of upselling used by small and big companies: we are talking about payment plans – for only $20 per month for 6 months is something many may consider way more than $120 at once.

Moreover, offering extras like getting a discount on other products for buying the original one, or trial periods or testers can also lead to upsell.  

5. Timing matters 

Upsell before the completed checkout is the number one reason for customers abandoning the entire shop chart altogether; the reasoning is simple, they see the price and decide it is too much.

Consider moving the upsell after the original purchase and offer additional conveniences such as auto-fill of purchase information so that the customer doesn’t have to input their payment info again to complete the second transition. 

In Conclusion:

Do not be over the top, in-your-face with your marketing strategies for upselling. Remember, your goal is to build trust with your customer. 


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