25 Shop Update Ideas For Your Etsy Shop [2023]

etsy shop update ideas

Here are some Etsy shop update ideas! Etsy shop updates is an essential tool that is there to help boost your sales. You see, Etsy want you to be successful and they are constantly giving shop owners new ways to attract customers to their shops and listings.

Did you know that anyone who has favorited your shop or has made a purchase from you will see your shop updates that you post? They see this when they log into Etsy on their home screen. How fabulous! It's a no brainer to be using this free marketing tool.

The best part is that when you post a shop update, when someone clicks on the photo it takes them right to the listing that you tag. Brilliant. When you are making shop updates, keep in mind that you don't always need to be salesy.

People are interested in lifestyles and behind the scenes. Here are some shop update ideas to help get you started.

To use shop updates, you must have the Etsy seller app first.

Download the sell on Etsy app for Android or iOS. Shop updates can only be posted from a mobile device.


1. Post new items that you have listed

Letting customers know when you have new items is an important part of customer loyalty and satisfaction. Customers are more likely to remember your products and favor your store when they're aware of the latest additions, as it keeps them up to date with what's new.

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2. Talk about a sale that is coming up

Offering discounts on new arrivals through shop updates is a great way to let customers know that something is coming up on sale, encouraging them to come back and shop some more!

The more informed handmade customers are, the happier they'll be - so don't forget to let them know about the sales or discounts coming up in your shop. 

3. Feature an item that has been sitting around for a while

It's essential to feature a product up front, especially if it has been sitting around for some time. This helps keep marketing fresh and ensures that you don't become stale or stagnant.

Featuring these items up front helps refresh their interest. Additionally, highlighting different aspect of the products keeps marketing interesting and makes customers more likely to explore through your selection of available goods or services.

4. Show a behind the scenes photo of your work space

Seeing a behind the scenes photo of someone's work space always elicits a reaction, whether it's glee, envy, or appreciation.

Customers love getting an insight into who creates the product they're buying or service they're using. It boosts marketing efforts by inviting people to learn more about your mission and values without having to do too much extra legwork.

It makes the customer feel included and gives them an idea of how much effort goes into creating the product, thus strengthening their trust in it and its creator.

Seeing creative spaces conveys professionalism and competency as well, so customers can rest assured that you take your craft seriously.

All of these factors make for a win-win situation: customers get a deeper understanding of what they're spending money on while business owners get marketing exposure with virtually no extra effort!

etsy shop update ideas

5. Talk about how your product can be used

Talking about how your product can be used is a great way to engage your customers and keep them interested.

Providing creative new uses for your product can help to get people excited about what you have to offer.

Not only does this give customers helpful ideas, but it also helps demonstrate how versatile and useful the product is, making it more likely that they’ll consider purchasing it.

Talk about potential uses and benefits, which both educates consumers and encourages them to take a chance on your brand.

6. Post something about where you live

If you live in a city rich with landmarks and history, the possibilities of marketing your products through these locations could be endless!

Photo campaigns featuring iconic or beloved places in your city can help potential customers connect with the product on a deeper level.

Of course, utilizing shop updates to post creative content among the gorgeous backgrounds of picture-perfect monuments is also an easy way for people to remember your product when looking for something similar.

Landmarks make for excellent visuals when used correctly, so don't forget to take advantage of the urban environment when promoting your products.

7. Share a picture of yourself so that your customers can connect with you as a person

It's important to show your customers who you are and give them the opportunity to connect with you as a real person when promoting your handmade crafts.

This doesn't require you to put yourself out there in a way that makes you uncomfortable - by sharing a picture of yourself, or even better, a photo of your hands making something, you can create an emotional connection without having to put your face on display.

Plus, if you're worried about what other people might think about seeing you online, it's worth remembering that most customers are looking to build trust and get advice from someone they feel understands them - and showing the human side of your business is the best way to do that.

8. Share your gift guide feature

Getting featured in a gift guide can be a great way to increase awareness of your product and bring more attention to your business. The best way to do so is to start by doing some research and tracking down targeted gift guides that are relevant to what you are offering.

Once you have done so, reach out and introduce yourself with the goal of having your product featured. Make sure you showcase why it would be a great addition and point out potential incentives such as exclusive discounts or bundle offers.

Doing so may persuade the editor that it would be something their audience would love, potentially leading you to getting featured in their gift guide!

9. Take a photo of a work in progress of a collection or item that will soon be listed

Taking a photo of a work in progress is an important part of any endeavor involving the listing of an item or collection. This get's customers really excited about what's gong to be listed in your shop very soon. You can also use this to upsell to customers who have something in their shopping cart already.

etsy shop update ideas

10. Share a coupon code

Sharing a coupon code with your customers is an amazing way to show them how much you appreciate them. It's a simple gesture that can go a long way in establishing loyalty to your business - customers will be more likely to come back if they know they can get a discount.

Coupon codes also bring in new customers who may not have found you otherwise, and offer exciting discounts that keep people coming back for more.

Additionally, getting creative with incentives like coupon codes makes the buying experience fun and exciting! All of these reasons make it clear that sharing a coupon code with your customers is an important part of running a successful business.

11. Feature your best selling item and why it's so popular

It's always worth talking about your best selling item, as not only is it driving in sales, but also shows that you understand what people want and need.

Talking about why it's so popular also gives potential customers an insight into the quality and value of your product - and if it appeals to such a wide market already, why shouldn't they check it out for themselves?

It's evidence that you know how to satisfy customers, making sure that your overall business thrives. On top of all this, there's nothing wrong with bragging about success - just make sure to do it with class.

12. Talk about your social media and where people can find you

Although it may seem like a simple thing, talking about your social media and where you can be found online is incredibly important.

Pinterest is one place where you can really get in more traffic. Here is a helpful guide on how to use rich pins.

13. Post show dates or your calendar if you are going to craft shows

Let's face it, customers love to make purchases when they're browsing crafting shows, but if you aren't organized with tracking show dates and your calendar then it can be a recipe for disaster.

Being consistent with open communication by notifying customers of any changes or additions to future show dates keeps customers engaged in your work, which ensures loyalty.

Overall, being proactive with customers about show dates is a great way to guarantee success not only at the crafting shows but within your business itself.

14. Use Google to your advantage

Find unique and funny holidays. Make a calendar and share things that you make that go with those dates. For instance if it's national cake day and you have bakery accessories, now is the time to share an update.

15. Share a new employee and talk about how your shop is growing

Talking to customers about a new employee is always fantastic for a shop update.

Not only does it show customers that your shop is growing, but it also gives customers a reminder that their support makes all the difference. Introducing customers to your new team member provides customers with the assurance that you're continuing to work hard for them and conquering any challenges or obstacles together.

Customers will appreciate the extra effort and feel closer to the business when they’re familiar with all of its members, new and old alike.

16. Show a photo of tools or supplies that you use to create your item

Shop For New Crafting Ideas

One of the most important aspects of being a maker is to show off your work. Having a photo of all the tools and supplies that goes into creating your item helps people appreciate just how much effort you're putting in.

It's also an excellent way to showcase your skills, whether you're a DIYer, craft-enthusiast or an avid hobbyist.

Showing off the tools and supplies that went into making your project is one surefire way to connect with customers and proudly display your work for everyone to see.

how to use etsy shop updates

17. Share Themed Updates

Make a theme content calendar to share updates on certain days of the week. Eg: Tuesday's Treats, Throwback Thursday, Friday Favorites, Sunday Share.

18. Post a short story about your brand or what inspires you to create

Where do you go to find inspiration? Do you like to go for walks or maybe to a favorite coffee shop?

etsy shop updates 

19. Introduce yourself brand once again

You probably have some new likes & customers and now is the time to let them know more about you.

20. Share a super amazing close up photo

Share a really good photo of one item and go into details about why it's special or what it can be used for.

etsy shop update ideas

21. Funny story about your business

Do you have something inspiring you want your customers to know? Talk about anything from milestones to how you spilled your morning coffee.

22. Talk about your daily routines

Do you have a special routine on how you start your work mornings? Are you an early riser? Or perhaps you do your best work in the middle of the night.

etsy shop updates

23. Packaging Share

Take a photo to show your customers how you package orders and what you do to make them special. Showing photos of your packaging is one of the best ways to let your customers know exactly what to expect when their order arrives.

Whether they are buying something for themselves or giving it as a gift, they will be able to have peace of mind that the product they purchased is being packaged with the artisan care that they expect.

It's also a great way to give customers an idea of what their unboxing experience will be like. With an image of the header card, tissue paper, and branded packing material included in their order, customers can get a feel for the level of premiumness associated with your brand and be left with a lasting impression.

24. What's on your table

Share a photo of what's on your table right this minute.

etsy shop update ideas

25. Hand held thank you note

A simple thank you post does wonders for bringing in more traffic. Hold up a hand written note telling your customers how amazing they are.

We hope this list inspired you with some new ideas. Happy selling and good luck.

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