25 Shop Update Ideas For Your Etsy Shop [2022]

Here are some Etsy shop update ideas! Etsy shop updates is an essential tool that is there to help boost your sales. You see, Etsy want you to be successful and they are constantly giving shop owners new ways to attract customers to their shops and listings.

Did you know that anyone who has favorited your shop or has made a purchase from you will see your shop updates that you post? They see this when they log into Etsy on their home screen. How fabulous! It's a no brainer to be using this free marketing tool.

The best part is that when you post a shop update, when someone clicks on the photo it takes them right to the listing that you tag. Brilliant. When you are making shop updates, keep in mind that you don't always need to be salesy. People are interested in lifestyles and behind the scenes. Here are some shop update ideas to help get you started.


Download the sell on Etsy app for Android or iOS. Shop updates can only be posted from a mobile device.


1. Post new items that you have listed.

2. Talk about a sale or a sale that is coming up.

3. Feature an item that has been sitting around for a while.

4. Show a behind the scenes photo of your work space.

etsy shop update ideas

5. Talk about how your product can be used.

6. Post something about where you live and talk about why you love to live there.

7. Share a picture of yourself so that your customers can connect with you as a person.

8. Have you been featured in a gift guide or article lately? Share the good news.

9. Take a photo of a work in progress of a collection or item that will soon be listed.

etsy shop update ideas

10. Share a coupon code.

11. Feature your best selling item and why it's so popular.

12. Talk about your social media and where people can find you.

13. Post show dates or your calendar if you are going to craft shows.

14. Google: Unique and funny holidays. Make a calendar and share things that go with those dates. For instance if it's national cake day and you have bakery accessories, now is the time to share an update.

15. Share a new employee and talk about how your shop is growing.

16. Show a photo of tools or supplies that you use to create your item.

how to use etsy shop updates

17. Make a theme content calendar to share updates on certain days of the week. Eg: Tuesday's Treats, Throwback Thursday, Friday Favorites, Sunday Share.

18. Post a short story about your brand or what inspires you to create. Where do you go to find inspiration? Do you like to go for walks or maybe to a favorite coffee shop?

etsy shop updates 

19. Introduce yourself again. You probably have some new likes and now is the time to let them know more about you.

20. Share a super amazing close up photo of one item and go into details about why it's special or what it can be used for.

etsy shop update ideas

21. Funny story about your business or something inspiring you want your customers to know. Talk about anything from milestones to how you spilled your morning coffee.

22. Talk about your daily routines and what you do to start your work mornings. Are you an early riser? Or perhaps you do your best work in the middle of the night.

etsy shop updates

23. Take a photo to show your customers how you package orders and what you do to make them special.

24. What's on your table this very minute? Share that photo!

etsy shop update ideas

25. A simple thank you post does wonders for bringing in more traffic. Hold up a hand written note telling your customers how amazing they are.

We hope this list inspired you with some new ideas. Happy selling and good luck.

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