7 Ways To Promote Your Shopify Store [2023]

Here are some ways to help bring in traffic to your Shopify store.

Setting up your own Shopify artisan store can be an incredible experience for various reasons: you do not need to have a ton of experience to set the shop.

Second, Shopify, being an all-in-one e-commerce platform allows you to design your shop according to your personal taste and every tool you need is on the palm of your hands in just one platform. 

Nonetheless, oftentimes, what disappoints many people is not the features Shopify offers, but the lack of traffic they get. Setting up a Shopify store can soon become a daunting, nerve-wracking experience if you are not implementing proper Shopify marketing strategies! 

promote shopify store

After all, having a great product and even better store means nothing if nobody sees it! 

While alluring design, great products, and reasonable prices may get the customers to buy your products, none of it would be possible if the customers are not aware of your website’s existence! This is where Shopify marketing becomes vital for your business. 

Shopify marketing, like any other type of marketing, requires special attention to be properly developed. To assist you, we have compiled a list of 7 ways you can promote your Shopify store and improve your Shopify marketing:

1. SEO optimization

Crucial for search engines, SEO – Search Engine Optimization allows your Shopify website to appear in relevant searches on google and similar search engines. Effective SEO optimization includes optimizing relevant keywords – which can be found via conducting keyword research and determining which ones work best for your shop; then you should also optimize your title tag and meta description. 

Extra tip: Always make sure that you have a relevant, eye-catching meta description that contains the keywords!

2. Reap the benefits of referral programs

One of the fastest ways to gain new customers is to begin using Shopify Affiliate programs. While this marketing has expenses, the bright side is that you will only pay your referral users if they are successful at bringing you customers who make a successful sale. 

Extra tip: If possible, try to work with social media influencers.

3. Put Facebook to good use

By now, you probably know that setting up a Facebook page and the Facebook shop is a necessary part of any successful Shopify marketing strategy; however, we would also recommend that you take a step further and utilize other services Facebook has to offer, such as promotions in Facebook groups, Facebook ads, creating catchy Facebook stories, etc. 

Extra tip: Use Facebook ads – this is a quite useful promoting feature since it allows you to target by location, age and you can also set up the budget you want to invest. 

how to promote a Shopify store 

4. Shoppable Pinterest campaigns 

Set up an Instagram profile and promote your products. Utilize all Instagram features, such as tagging – to get more attention, go live with your new promotions and address the clients, set up interesting engaging posts and stories which may even include polls that will engage with your customers, product reviews, and links of your shop in the description, fun and eye-catching reels, etc.

Extra tip: Use influencers or if possible work on collaborations with brands to increase the visibility of your store. 

5. Offer free shipping

Shipping fees oftentimes are the ones discouraging buyers from shopping online because they can be quite high. If possible, try to take the shipping out of the equation to make people feel at ease with it. 

Extra tip: you can offer free shipping with a longer delivery period and add fast delivery with paid shipping, to give customer’s choice.

how to promote a shopify store 

6. Give away coupons for subscriptions 

A fair exchange that will bring you valuable lists of customers and potential buyers. The most effective way to achieve this is to offer an incentive for customer’s emails.

That can be in the form of a simple, small discount coupon. You can use these emails later to send promotional material for new products.

Extra tip: Make the coupon promotion pop up when your customer is about to make a purchase; the discount will most likely entice them to sign up.

7. Make sure your site loads quickly

Customers do not want to wait for an eternity for your site to load; even if an ad has caught their eye and they are interested in the product, even willing to buy.

If your page doesn’t load on time, chances are they will move and look for the product on your competitor’s store. So make sure your site loads quickly.

Extra tip: Use Google PageSpeed Insights to check how fast your site is currently loading.  

Your sales are just a few ideas away!

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