How To Write A Product Description That Converts [2023]

Do you need some help with your product descriptions? A lot of people believe that writing a product description is a piece of cake and therefore, they do not put a second thought in the writing process! After all, it is not science, right?! 

Well, they are wrong! 

A lot of beginner eCommerce business owners make the rookie mistake of simply describing the attributes of the product and calling it a day! However, this is not enough. 

Even if you may be adept at writing copy through the sales funnel, to write a product description that will evoke reactions from the customers and increase sales, you need to do more than just describe the properties of the product. 

We have created a great guide on how to write a product description that converts; these are the things you need to know.

how to write product descriptions

How To Write A Product Description That Converts

1. Understand the product 

Doing thorough research is the first step in any copywriting process, including writing product descriptions. But even though writers usually do the research, the first biggest mistake they do is get not enough intel; writing with little research means superficial writing that is not deep enough to make your product desirable to people. When doing your research, make sure that you have the answers to all of the following questions: 

  • What is my product? 
  • How is it produced? 
  • What are the products’ features? 
  • Is the product: easy to use, commercial, luxurious, exclusive, reliable, efficient, or in any other way special? 
  • What are the benefits of the product? 
  • How does this product compare to similar products on the market in terms of efficiency, cost, etc.? 
  • What problems does it solve? 
  • Is there any interesting story behind the product or brand worth telling? 
  • Where can the product be bought and does it ship? 

2. Understand the customer 

Before you start writing, learn more about the product as well as your targeted customer. You need to be able to understand the customer to know how to reach them and explain the benefits of the product. 

Start with research on social media or platforms like Reddit, Quora where you can get a better sense of the actual target market by talking about the industries or similar products. Ask yourself: 

  • Who is buying my product? 
  • What is the persona of my target audience? 
  • What do the customers struggle with, what are my buyers’ core needs? 
  • What does the customer gain by buying it? 
  • How can my product solve their issues? 
  • Why the customer should go for this product instead of the competitions’ product? 
  • Is there any interesting story behind the product or brand worth telling that will intrigue the customer? 

3. Include SEO 

SEO or search engine optimization is a pivotal part of marketing and as such, it needs to be taken into consideration when writing product descriptions.

You need to make it a priority, not an afterthought because search engines use it to make your product go on higher in searches; after all, a good product description will be useless if no one can see it and read it! 

Discover which platforms does your target audience use and make sure your product descriptions are SEO friendly and contain keywords through which the customer will find you! 

You need to understand everything: from the product features to its life cycle and the type of customer who will acquire and use the product, and finally how the audience will be able to find and make the purchase, to be able to write a good product description that will be able to reach your target customers.

It may sound overwhelming at first glance, but once you get the hang of it, you will have no worries!


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