5 Ways To Optimize A Product Page For More Sales [2023]

Here are some ways to optimize your product pages.

Keeping a check on your sales funnel is vital to know the direction in which your e-commerce business is headed; however, one of the main issues many business owners is great traffic, but not enough sales.

Which makes them wonder, what are they doing wrong? As important as getting people on your site is, it is, even more, to have them add things to their carts and buy things! 

So how could you increase sales and what factor influences your e-commerce growth? 

The answer is, with optimization of your product page and discovering what is the thing that will encourage visitors to convert into buyers.


 1. Put yourself in customer’s shoes 

In order to provide a great experience for your customers that will make them want to buy your products you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Visit your site and analyze it, but from a buyer’s perspective to figure out what aspects they like or dislike: 

  • Does your page load quickly? 
  • How easy it is to navigate through it?
  • Is your page design looking professional, appealing, and reliable? 
  • Does it speak for your brand? 
  • How well are the products presented, do they look good on the images, high-quality? 
  • Is there enough info about the products? 
  • How easy can they find the shipping details, as well as return policies, etc.? 
  • Are there any positive feedbacks that vouch for a good customer experience? 
  • Can they contact you or easily find answers to any possible questions they may have regarding the business? 

How was your experience? Do you have a clear vision as to which aspects you need to change & work on? 

 2. Amazing, good-quality images 

In retail stores a customer can take a closer look at the products, check out their color, shape, size, etc. When shopping online that can be difficult. That is why you need to make sure that the pictures selling your products are well-lit, high-quality images that provide a clear and flattering image of your product.  

Try to include various images showing your product from multiple angles, or even better a 360-degree shot or video which highlights the important features.  

A good in-context image that shows the product in usage or the lifestyle, surroundings it can be used in is a must-have as well! 

 3. Great, thorough product descriptions 

Barely describing the physical features of the product is not enough to sell it! Remember, many people may prefer sensory experience but everyone wants to know the effect. Therefore, your product descriptions should also include: 

  • Relevant, optimized title; 
  • Important features, components, ingredients of the product; 
  • Material, size, dimensions, capacity, etc.; 
  • Information about the brand; 
  • Benefits, usages, why people need it; 
  • What makes the product stand out & why to choose it over others; 
  • Care and maintenance instructions; 
  • Price; 

4. Optimize your product page for Mobiles 

Online buyers shop from their phones. And in recent years this number only increased. Moreover, Google also informed us that they are adding their mobile-first indexing update - meaning mobile-friendly e-commerce pages will be prioritized in google searches over those that aren’t.  

Make sure your mobile optimization also is easy to navigate, if possible get a shopping app that is for both Android and IOS devices! 

5. Reviews, ratings + clear CTA 

Reviews, ratings, and stories from customers should be encouraged and welcomed on your page; this will build trust in your customers.  

Additionally, make sure you have a good CTA- Call To Action – meaning clear boxes for shopping and guidance on how one can make the purchase! Do not forget to add your shipping/return policies as well! 

Sometimes it is the details that make or break your business! So make sure you optimize your page well!


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