40 Helpful Blog Post Ideas For Your Artisan Blog [2023]

Here are blog post marketing ideas for your small business. Our experts will share the best ideas for blogging. 

Blogging about your products will help bring in more traffic from Google because Google will start to know about what kinds of products you are selling and put you on the front page.

It is important to keep your blog updated. Customers will not like it when you have old dates on your blog. It means that you are not keeping up and makes your products look stale. So let's keep up your blog!

BLOG POST IDEAS for artisans

1. Introduce your brand. Post about how you started your business and what makes your business unique.

2. Blog about your products. You can pick a certain product and share how it's made or why it's special.

3. Share a behind the scenes picture or story. You can take a picture of your work space.

4. Take a picture of your view outside your work space or blog about your location so that your customers know more about your brand.

5. Talk about how your business got started.

6. Share a work in progress blog post with lots of pictures showing how your top seller is made.

7. Share a blog post about a product that will soon be available.

blogging ideas

8. Talk about a sale that is coming up and share a coupon code.

9. Take some pictures of your office or work space and share some updates.

10. Share some customer photos that have been tagged on your Instagram.

11. Feature one product and take really great close up photos and talk about what makes that product special.

12. Show some products that will be coming soon or a new product launch.

13. Make a list of your best sellers and blog about them.

14. Blog about a trend in your industry.

15. Share a funny story about your brand.

16. Talk about your social media and where your customers can find you.

17. Share how your product can be used.

18. Make a gift guide with your top selling products.

blogging ideas

19. If you have been featured on a blog or magazine share a blog post on that.

20. Make a blog post welcoming new readers and tell people where they can find you. Leave all of your links and store address.

21. Set up a contest on your blog.

22. Write a list of FAQ's that you are always asked by your customers.

23. Talk about what sets your brand apart from your competitors.

24. Introduce a new employee or employee of the month.

25. Talk about why you love what you do.

26. Pick out 5 unique ways to use your product and talk about it.

27. Write about your future goals and where you see your company in 5 years.

28. If you give to charities, write a post about who your company supports and why.

29. Celebrate your brand's birthday by talking about how you got started.

30. If you travel for your brand, write a blog post on the last place you visited.

blogging ideas

31. Write about any traditions your company has.

32. Tell your customers how to look after their product.

33. Showcase a customer of the month.

34. Showcase an employee of the month.

35. Share your renovations or building updates.

36. Have a tag us contest for Instagram and shar it into a blog post.

37. Show your customers a top selling product that is hot.

38. Give your customers a sneak peek of a collection that is coming up.

39. Write about your favorite time of year and why it's important to your business.

40. Share a favorite YouTube channel of video.

It's never too late to start blogging for your business. Good luck and we wish you success on starting your blog or adding to your posts.

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