5 Ways Artisans Can Prepare For Black Friday [2023]

Here are some ways to prepare for Black Friday sales. This remarkable phenomenon – Black Friday is the key date for every seller considering the amounts of sales that occur on this day!

Hundreds of people in front of your doors or online on your page are ready to shop the second you open or the sale starts. It may be a dream come true, but before the date, it is time for preparation! 

That’s why, to ease the process for you, we have completed a guide of 5 ways to prepare for Black Friday:

how to prepare for black friday


1. Smart Planning For Sales & Deals

Generic Black Friday discounts can be looked over especially if the discount is not higher than it used to be some time ago; for example, if you had earlier that month a 15% discount, the clients won’t be wowed with 20% on Black Friday.

To avoid this, plan out an entire calendar of promotions; scale back the promotions few weeks before Black Friday, especially if you have weekly newsletters to hype them up for Black Friday. 

2. Promote The Right Products

Just because it is Black Friday doesn’t mean you should sell yourself short and end up selling a lot of products but making little profit! Research which products sell the most and which of those you offer.

You can also lower significantly those who sell little throughout the year and less those who sell the most; this way both types of products will sell. 

3. Advanced Preparation Is A Must

Different sellers define success differently. Make sure that the goals you set for Black Friday are realistic and achievable.

Prepare the promotions weeks in advance. Make sure you have set your goals and created creative marketing campaigns, content marketing, landing pages, rediscount codes, blog posts, promotions, all of that in advance and with a schedule of what goes when.

This will save you a lot of headaches the day before Black Friday! 

4. Build Up The Suspense

Invest in your marketing strategy if you want your customers to learn about your promotions. Just having printed newsletters is not enough, and you need to work on your marketing skills, especially online marketing.

Build up suspense with your marketing to lure customers in! This means: 

  • Create original promotional content; 
  • Organize your landing pages, discount codes, talk to your programmer regarding the page updates required to prepare; 
  • Optimizing your content and making sure the content is SEO friendly; 
  • Optimize titles, meta descriptions, and promotions; 
  • Use social media platforms for big promotions’ countdowns, suspenseful reveals, etc.; 
  • Check if your order infrastructure allows you to list products on the big platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Etsy, etc., and if possible optimize your store; 

 5. Pay Attention To The Details

Small details can easily turn into big issues if they have not been addressed in advance and properly, and by details we mean: 

  • Make sure your website can handle the traffic.
  • Your return process should be polished and crystal clear and easily digestible.
  • Your return policy should be on your product listings and service pages
  • The same goes with shipment policies, simple and clearly explained and easy to find on your page.
  • Prepare your stuff for a possible night shift.
  • Hire extra security or staff members if you have an actual shop. 

Careful, creative planning in advance can do wonders for your Black Friday experience. Remember, all stores are preparing for this day and the competition is insane, so simple discounts would not cut it! You need to get creative and plan out the details to get the maximum!


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