15 Best Unicorn Paintings & Prints [2023]

Here are the best unicorn paintings and prints that you can buy online. Sparkling unicorn art has a way of captivating us and filling us with wonder.

From mythical scenes featuring majestic unicorn beasts to illustrations of horseshoes with rainbow streams, unicorn paintings and prints have an outrageously romantic quality that can enchant any home.

With magical realism at their core, unicorn artwork creates a feeling of warmth and joy that radiates throughout the entire space.

best unicorn paintings

Here are some unicorn paintings, unicorn art prints and unicorn canvas wall art from some of the top selling artists that will have you captivated!

Best Unicorn Paintings & Prints

1. Unicorn Print With Inspirational Message

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Treat yourself or a loved one to this enchanting unicorn art printable from Etsy! Offering a whimsical way to decorate your space, the surreal colors and dreamy design of the unicorn creates a romantic vibe that will bring warmth and joy into any room.

With an instant digital download, you can instantly access the artwork just seconds after purchase making it easy to turn any wall into a special place of wonder.

best unicorn paintings 

2. Unicorn With Fairy Print

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The unicorn art of Lisa Parker is truly magical. The detailed unicorn pictured in the misty forest is sure to add a romantic, dream-like atmosphere to any room.

It's easy to get lost in its whimsical beauty and be enchanted by the scene it creates with the little fairy – perfect for adding a touch of mystery and enchantment to your home.

best unicorn paintings

3. Unicorn With Dragon

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Adorning any room with the majestic beauty of unicorn art is a must for unicorn lovers. This spectacular canvas print brings this majestic creature to life in stunning detail.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for the unicorn fanatics in your life, this home décor piece is surely to be adored. Bringing a touch of enchantment and romance to wherever it’s placed, this unicorn art makes an excellent gift that will never be forgotten.

unicorn with dragon paintings 

4. Whimsical Unicorn Art

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Owning a one-of-a-kind unicorn art piece is sure to be an enchanting source of vibrancy in any room it hangs.

This meticulously hand painted canvas features brightly colored sparkles and touches of whimsy, perfect for unicorn lovers.

Expressing your love of mythical creatures with this particular unicorn art will surely bring a delightful charm to your home.

whimsical unicorn paintings

5. Earth Angel With Unicorn Print

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This romantic unicorn art, 'There Is Always A Way Home' is sure to fill a space with dreams and hopes of happily ever afters. This fantastical piece rests in soft shades of colors and showcases a unicorn with it's angel friend.

This canvas print would be the perfect addition to any room to add an enchanting inspiring atmosphere.

enchanting unicorn paintings

6. Watercolor Unicorn Canvas Art

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This unicorn art print from watercolor paints is a mesmerizing work of art that will bring a touch of romance to any home.

With its vibrant colors and enchanting design, it's guaranteed to make any room come alive with whimsy and joy. Using it as part of the main part of your décor, this unicorn art print is sure to be the centerpiece of your home.

best unicorn paintings

7. Original Unicorn Watercolor Paintings

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This unicorn painting is a breathtakingly beautiful piece of art that captures the enchantment of unicorn magic.

Admirers will be mesmerized by the blue colors and delicate brush strokes, which effortlessly create a dreamy landscape full of imagination and romance; perfect for any unicorn art collector looking to add some whimsical charm to their home.

best unicorn watercolor paintings

8. Forest Unicorn Print

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"The Journey Home" by Charlotte Bird makes unicorn art both romantic and magical. This canvas print is the perfect way to add a whimsical touch to your home décor. And since it comes in many sizes, you can choose the perfect wall accent.

It's also great for unicorn enthusiasts looking for unique gift ideas! Whether it's a birthday present or holiday gift, they will certainly love this beautiful piece of art.

magical unicorn paintings

9. Unicorn Wall art

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This unicorn art canvas is sure to make a statement in any bedroom or living room and reminds one of the movie The Last Unicorn.

Fall in love with the whimsical and romantic design, composed of vibrant color shades that will bring a positive feeling into your home.

The 'Regret' artwork by Aja Trier is the perfect décor item to add charm and beauty, while also enabling you to express yourself through unicorn art.

the last unicorn paintings

10. Spaceman With Unicorn

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This unicorn art print will bring a sense of space wonder to your décor. Across the Universe is beautifully designed, with dark colors and plenty of intricate details.

Whether you want to hang something large or something small, this listing has got you covered - it comes in three sizes to fit any kind of space.

An white unicorn frolicking amongst the stars is just the kind of art that makes a room feel special.

digital unicorn paintings

11. Hand Painted Unicorn Art

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This original narwhal unicorn fantasy art from Etsy is a beautiful and unique addition to any home décor.

Handcrafted by the artisan, this unicorn art is sure to bring a sense of imagination and enchantment to your living space.

The vibrant colors stand out, making it a truly eye-catching piece of unicorn art.

best unicorn paintings 

12. Moon Unicorn Original Painting

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This beautiful unicorn art is the perfect pop of romantic artwork. This original watercolor showcases a magical scene of a unicorn and a deer meeting in an enchanted field.

The white unicorn stands majestically against a starry night sky, creating a dreamy atmosphere that will bring charm and beauty to any room.

Using intricate brush strokes, this handmade artwork is sure to captivate your heart and delight your home with the splendor of unicorns.

best unicorn paintings

13. Set Of 4 Unicorn Canvas Prints

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This unicorn art print from Amazon is sure to transport your bedroom to its own whimsical realm of make-believe!

Not only is this budget friendly unicorn décor adorably designed, but its stretched canvas frame allows for a timelessly romantic look perfect for any wall.

Delight your senses and let this unicorn art bring a little magic into your bedroom sanctuary.

unicorn canvas art prints

14. Surrealism Unicorn Painting

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This beautiful piece of unicorn art is sure to spark romance in any space. Crafted with great care and attention to detail, each Alice's Misadventures original painting comes in a unique frame perfect for adding some magic to your walls.

From the cinematic color palette and dreamy unicorn detail to its transformative energy, this single artwork is made to tell an entire story!

surrealism unicorn paintings

15. Lost Unicorn Canvas Print

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For those who love different, you will utterly fall in love with The Lost Unicorn canvas print. It's a truly captivating piece of unicorn art that will add a touch of romance to your home or office.

Its unique and whimsical style makes it stand out from other artwork, bringing a vibrant splash of color and dreamy enchantment to any room.

It’s sure to be the focal point, adding an element of difference that gives your space a sense of originality.

woman unicorn paintings

✅ In Conclusion:

We hope that this list of unicorn art was able to provide some inspiration in your search for the perfect unicorn painting to bring joy and wonderment into your home décor.

Whether you wanted to splurge on a luxurious unicorn piece for your walls or surprise a unicorn-lover with a unicorn art gift, we believe there is something here for everyone.

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