15 BEST Horse Art, Paintings & Prints [2023]

Here are some of the best horse art, paintings and prints that are available for your home décor or gift ideas.

For those who love horses, there is no greater art than that which captures the grace and power of these magnificent animals. From horse paintings and prints to photographs, horse art comes in many different forms.

best horse paintings and prints

However, the best horse art is that which captures the essence of these creatures. Horse lovers will appreciate artwork that shows the bond between horses and humans, as well as the playful nature of these creatures.

Horse paintings and prints make great décor ideas for any room, and they also make great gifts for horse lovers. Whether you are looking for wall art or a special piece to add to your collection, horse art is sure to please.

Best Horse Art, Paintings & Prints

1. Head To Head Canvas Print

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Horses are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They are graceful, powerful, and elegant, and have been a source of inspiration for artists for centuries.

Horse lovers will adore this horses in love wall art print. It's a majestic piece that captures a strong bond.

horse paintings and prints horses in love

2. Horse Portrait by Ethan Harper

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Whether you're looking for art for your bedroom, office, or hotel, this beautiful print is sure to add that unique look you are going for. Artwork using watercolor paints just has a look that is dreamy and high end.

This piece is made and shipped from the USA with high quality canvas already stretched for you to display.


white horse paintings and prints

3. Horse On Canvas by Artistic Path

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A horse is a beautiful and noble creature, symbolizing strength, freedom, and grace. For centuries, horses have been revered by cultures around the world, and horse lovers have long appreciated the beauty of these majestic animals.

This gorgeous white horse is perfect for a minimalist theme or aesthetic and will come on quality canvas with fade resistant inks.

white horse paintings and prints

4. White Horse by Carol Robinson

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From realistic renderings to abstract interpretations, there is a horse painting out there to suit every taste.

This canvas print is an elegant addition to your office or a gorgeous accent for your master bedroom. A stunning rendition of a white horse, this canvas wall art is sure to add drama and flair to any space.

long horse paintings and prints

5. Black Horse by Laurie Prindle

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A horse is a beautiful and noble creature, symbolizing strength, freedom, and grace. This piece represents all of these perfectly.

And now, with this black horse wall art print, you can bring this classic image into your home or office.

No matter if you're a horse lover yourself or you're simply looking for some beautiful artwork to add to your décor, this magnificent piece is sure to make a dramatic impact. 

black horse wall art paintings & prints

6. Original Horse Paintings by Contemporary Art Daily

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There is something about horses that captures the imagination. They are wild and free, but at the same time they have a regal beauty that is hard to resist. For some art collectors, there is nothing quite like a beautiful horse painting.

This artist capture horses in a unique way and offers original paintings and wall art prints for every budget.

original horse wall art paintings & prints

7. Girl With Horse by Ashvin Harrison

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Horse paintings can transport you to those beautiful places in your mind. They add a touch of elegance and dreamy fantasy art to any space.

If you are looking for a unique piece of art for your home or office, consider a horse canvas or paper print by Ashvin Harrison. You will be sure to treasure this piece for years to come.

romantic horse wall art paintings & prints

8. Abstract Horse Art by Artcoast

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There's something about a race horse that just captured people's hearts. They're regal, they're powerful and they're beautiful creatures. And, of course, they're also very popular subjects for art.

That's why this oil painting by Paula Nizamas makes the list with her stunning piece.

race horse wall art paintings & prints

9. White Horse Photo by Hardy Gallery

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Here's a white horse print that comes in a 12x16 inch print that is great for a smaller space. Plus, it's very affordable, so you can make your home or office look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

long mane horse wall art paintings & prints

10. Large Horse Print by Inslove

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If you're looking for a beautiful piece of horse wall art that is also large, you can't go wrong with this gorgeous print. It comes in a large 30x60 inches that is going to add that statement that you are going for.

So if you're just looking for some amazing artwork to add to your collection, be sure to check out this large wall art.

large horse wall art paintings & prints

11. Warrior Horse Print

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There is something about a warrior horse that is both regal and wild. It is no wonder that horses have been revered throughout history. From ancient cave paintings to modern art prints, horses have inspired some of the most beautiful artwork.

Horse lovers will appreciate the attention to detail in this rendition.

warrior horse wall art paintings & prints

12. Horse Portraits by Irena Orlov

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When you want the good stuff, you go to a handmade Etsy seller for horse artwork. You will be happy to know that there are plenty of stunning horse wall art prints to choose from in this artists' shop.

Whether you're looking for a canvas print for your bedroom or an office, there's sure to be a horse painting that you'll fall in love with.

unique horse wall art paintings & prints

13. Folk Art Horses by Emma Schrock

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Today, art collectors can enjoy beautiful prints of horses in a variety of settings. Whether it's a canvas print for the bedroom or a print for the home office, there's a perfect wall art print for any space.

Check out the horse pieces from this shop on Etsy. They not only have horse pictures, they also offer horse statues and other images too.

folk art horse wall art paintings & prints

14. White Dream Horse Print by Willem Haenraets

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One of the prettiest horse pictures out there. There's something special about a girl and her horse. It's a bond that's hard to explain, but horse people know it well.

There's a certain connection between a girl and her horse, one that's filled with understanding and trust. And it's this connection that's often captured in horse paintings.

These prints are more than just pretty pictures. They're reminders of the bond that exists between a girl and her horse.

girl with horse wall art paintings & prints

15. Grazing Horse Photo by Dan Sproul

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A horse grazing in a field is a beautiful sight. For horse lovers, it's a scene that evokes memories of peaceful rides through green pastures on sun-dappled days.

For others, it's a reminder of the power and grace of these magnificent creatures. Either way, if you're looking for a unique piece of art to add some sentiment to your home or office, consider this calming piece.

grazing horse wall art paintings & prints

In Conclusion:

Horses have been revered by cultures around the world for centuries. These magnificent animals have inspired artists of all mediums, from painters to sculptors to printmakers.

For horse lovers, there is no greater way to show your love and appreciation for these noble creatures than by hanging horse art on your walls. Horse paintings and prints come in a wide range of styles, from realistically rendered portraits to more abstract works of art.

We hope this list has helped you choose the perfect one.

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