15 GORGEOUS Geode Resin Art Paintings [2023]

Here are the best geode resin art paintings for this year. Creative artists around the world have been inspired to create one-of-a-kind works of art with geode pieces and resin pours over the past few years and the results are absolutely stunning.

Handmade geode resin art paintings are created with epoxy resin, stones, glass and gold gilding to create beautiful geode patterns suitable for any high end home or for when you need that something extra for your décor.

best geode resin art paintings

These intricate creations never fail to draw attention and capture viewers' imaginations. From playful teals to bright reds, these handmade paintings offer an ever-changing variety of styles that both surprise and delight.

This list showcases some stunning geode resin art pieces from some top selling artists and creators.

Best Geode Resin Art Paintings

1. Handmade Geode Paintings

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An artist who is passionate about natural beauty has created a unique way of blending handmade art and real gemstones to create mesmerizing geode paintings.

Using artists’ materials, such as resin and canvases, this artist creates one-of-a-kind paintings using black tourmaline, moonstone, and other alluring gemstones.

The finished geode painting results in a rich textured artwork that captures the eye with vibrant colors and mesmerizing textures that can't be achieved any other way.

geode resin art paintings

2. Mini Geode Resin Canvas

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Working with a painstakingly detailed process, artists have been creating incredible handmade geode resin art paintings to awe viewers. Like the geode made above, this artist makes each painting by mixing resin with natural elements.

When the resin hardens, the beautiful gemstones elegantly cradled in their impressive resin art paintings shine on in the most breathtaking way.

best geode resin art paintings

3. Moonlight Art Parlour Tiny Treasures

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This artist takes geode resin art pieces to another level by incorporating them into her original paintings and prints. Made with UV resin, stones, glitter accents and other elements she makes each one by hand from scratch.

The beauty of resin art is captured in a unique and powerful way. The shimmering rocks & Swarovski crystals paired with brilliant hues bring life to these mesmerizing pieces. Intricate details and careful craftsmanship elicit strong emotional responses from viewers, leaving them captivated.

If you ever see a large geode painting in her shop, grab it because they do not last long.

best geode resin art paintings 

4. Fairy Geode Resin Paintings

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For those who love to collect ACEO paintings, Moonlight Art Parlour also offers miniatures from her original paintings. Just like the creation above, these geode resin art pieces are all created from scratch using professional artist materials.

They make an excellent gift idea for that someone who loves to collect miniature artwork. She also offers custom pieces and specializes in Birthstone Fairies for each month of the year. Customers try to collect all months for a complete collection.

best geode resin art paintings

5. ShopSavi Glam Geode Paintings

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Each piece of original art made from these captivating stones are handcrafted with intention, love, and care in order to showcase the beauty found within each work of art.

An amethyst inspired geode resin art painting is an awe-inspiring creation. Swirling and shimmering, like a deep-sea treasure coming to life, it entices viewers with its mysterious beauty.

Art connoisseurs marvel in amazed appreciation of the various tones within the piece; a captivating blend of light hues to dark shades that bring out the geode’s majestic vibrancy. 

best geode resin art paintings

6. Oliver Gal Artist Gold Geode Art

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Installing an extra large geode artwork onto a large wall can be a truly awe-inspiring experience. The majestic colors of the various minerals and gemstones that make up the geode can lend a sense of drama to any setting – drawing the eye, mesmerizing onlookers, and conjuring a feeling of wonder.

Such an artwork is sure to be admired and talked about as it brings its unique splendor to life, transforming any space into something special.

This artist offers giclee prints of the original.

best geode resin art for large wall

7. Round Geode Art

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This handmade emerald green and silver geode art is simply breath-taking. The glassy finish and unique shapes of the circle geode artwork captivate the eye and transport the viewer to a realm of interdimensional beauty.

Perfect for those looking to go beyond the conventional, this art will be sure to open minds, hearts, and even home décor styles!

best geode resin art

8. Abstract Geode Paintings

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If you are looking to make a dramatic statement and add a touch of handmade beauty to your home or office, then a gold and white geode resin art painting is the perfect way to do it.

This mesmerizing artwork has a gorgeous sheen that will be sure to captivate viewers from any angle--smooth lines transitioning into sparkling beauty. With handmade pieces like these, no two paintings will ever be the same.

Whether you hang it on your wall or place it on an entryway table, this unique piece of art will surely make a bold statement for years and years to come.

geode resin art painting for home or office 

9. Crystal Resin Painting

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Here's a handmade 12x12x2” quartz crystal geode art work that is so breathtakingly complex in its beauty. The artist really knows how to capture the resin and natural elements.

This Etsy has many different geode paintings to choose from. They offer miniatures and larger pieces.

best geode resin art

10. Amethyst Crystal Resin Pour

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This handmade artwork on a cradled birch wooden panel is an exquisite piece. A 10”x10”x2” resin epoxy and 3D wrap-around gemstone geode style artwork, this beautiful piece has been enhanced with genuine amethysts and quartz crystals.

Even more elements like fire glass, glitters, crystal shards and pigments gives this piece a purely luxurious look. The textured accents add a wonderful touch while multiple layers of resin ensure excellent UV resistance.

This stunning item stands out with its eye-catching design and high quality materials - it is sure to be the perfect addition to any art collection.

geode resin artwork

11. Delphine Callegher Art Resin Paintings

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Handmade with love and care, this extra large geode resin art piece will bring a touch of magic to your space. Each panel features real crystals like agate, amethyst and celestite, making it truly unique.

Set the mood in any room with this stunning handmade creation – you won’t want to take your eyes away. Whether you’re a fan of geology or are just looking for a mesmerizing piece of art, this resin art is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any home or office.

12. XXM Wall Art Large Geode Canvas

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This extra large geode resin art piece is a stunning statement piece for any room. Made on canvas, it's a print of an original and will surely draw attention.

Hang it in your living room or home office to elevate the ambiance and show off your individual style at the same time.

best geode resin art

13. Art Of Texture Large Geode Paintings

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Custom handmade geode resin art makes a beautiful addition to any space. Through careful craftsmanship, artists manipulate every detail of the artwork.

Each geode is created from scratch and layered with resin to give it a naturalistic and textured look. They come in an array of eye-catching colors, making them a stunning presence for your home or office.

Whether you prefer an intricate piece or something simpler, these custom handmade pieces will never fail to evoke admiration from any onlooker.

best geode resin art paintings

14. Resin Addiction

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If you're looking for a unique wall art experience, unique geode resin art is the perfect solution. These beautiful pieces arrive ready to hang with all the necessary hanging accessories included - no additional framing required.

geode resin art print

15. Amethyst Geode Canvas Print

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If you’re looking for a colorful and unique statement piece for your wall, consider a wall art print from an original geode painting. Geode paintings are abstract works inspired by the naturally-occurring crystal formations in rock, giving them an alluring, one-of-a-kind look.

These works of art can have a rainbow of colors, from soft pastels to bold, glittering jewel tones – so regardless of your color preferences, there's definitely something that will blend perfectly into your décor.

Wall art prints are also much more affordable than originals, meaning you can bring the dramatic beauty of geode art into any home!

geode resin art

In Closing:

We hope you've enjoyed discovering the vibrant and unique world of geode resin art paintings crafted by artists around the world. And that you found a painting that spoke to you, and that it brings beauty and joy into your home.

From artists who lovingly hand-pour each piece, to artists that cast crystals on canvas to create beautiful landscapes, these are truly one-of-a-kind works of art that can fit any style or décor.

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