15 FANTASTICAL Fantasy Art, Paintings & Prints [2023]

Here are the best fantasy artists, paintings and prints. If you love fantasy paintings and are looking for a new piece of artwork you have come to the right place.

We have searched for some of the best fantasy illustrations and cool fantasy art that you might just fall in love with.

Fantasy artists have one thing in common and that's their incredible imaginations. And their way to transport us to a world full of mythical creatures and fantastical landscapes is something that can't be explained. You just feel it inside, don't you?

best fantasy art

You can even pick and choose from several of these well known fantasy artists to make a gallery wall or fantasy themed bedroom. And these fantasy paintings make fabulous gift ideas for that dreamer in your life.

Best Fantasy Art, Paintings & Prints

1. Michelle Tracey Art

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Enter the world of mystical butterflies and magical fairies. The stunning original fantasy paintings and fine art prints make this shop one of our favorites. This artist uses professional artist materials for all of her fantasy artwork and top selling fairy art.

The pigments of the artist grade paints just takes her artwork to another level. If you love fantasy paintings that feature fairies and butterflies then you will love what this artist has to offer.

"My Mission is to INSPIRE the soul, to enrich lives through the connection of spiritual awareness by helping people connect with their spiritual selves." - Michelle Tracey

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2. Moonlight Art Parlour

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Who doesn't instantly recognize the artwork of this fantasy artist. This artist has been painting for over 20 years and has a full shop of gorgeous fantasy paintings, butterfly art, fairies and prints that anyone would fall in love with.

She has surreal style and is one of the best fantasy artists out there. This artist has created thousands of paintings over the years. Even though she is semi-retired and only paints from time to time, you can still grab an original if you are lucky.

best fantasy artists 

3. Hannah Lynn Art

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Something about these magical creatures just inspires fantasy art lovers. They always make people smile. One of the top selling fantasy art pieces is a cute fairy nymph.

So pretty and whimsical, this artwork can be displayed any room or office. If you're looking for some fun art fantasy pictures for your home décor ideas, you might fall in love with this whimsical piece.

best fantasy art

4. Beaumont Studio

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If you love fantasy paintings that feature mystical creatures and fairytales then this might be your new favorite artist. Everything from Alice In Wonderland to fantasy forests can be purchased from this shop. Perfect for adding to your fantasy art collection.

This artist knows how to take us to those magical places that our minds love to wander to.

Olivia’s paintings are full of historical art references. Her use of Renaissance themes, Golden age painting techniques, and costumes borrowed from history’s nobility transport viewers into an Old World.

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5. Mab Graves

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Mab Graves is one of those artists who can instantly transport us to a world full of wonder with her unique fantasy drawings. Once you look at her original paintings and fantasy art work, you can't forget them. She knows how to draw in her collectors right into her world where they can sit together and share a moment.

Not only will you find the most amazing paintings, she also offers her beloved collectors jewelry, fine art prints and more.

"They call my studio “the Forest” because it is wild, untamed, and probably full of wolves."

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6. The Colorful Cat Studio

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Fantasy castles and cute hobbit houses are just a couple of the stunning paintings that you will find in this shop.

And if enchanting forests are what you are looking for then you will find the most delightful little forest houses that will take your imagination to those special places.

Whales, mermaids and octopus are more fantasy art characters that you will want to explore in this gallery.

"I find freedom and calm in painting as it allows me to wander. My inspiration comes from nature. I like to study and recreate the gorgeous masterpieces found in the sea and sky."

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7. Makaio Design

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This artist has the ability to keep her paintings in the minds of her collectors long after they see them. This is one the most enchanting paintings of a unicorn we have ever seen. Truly some of the best beautiful fantasy art to collect.

If you are looking for a gift idea for that unicorn lover in your life, then they will be sure to fall in love with this shop.

Be aware that the original paintings sell out very quickly but if you do miss out on your favorite original, you can also purchase a fine art print too.

fantasy art characters unicorn 

8. Bente Schlick

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In this fantasy painting, an enchantress is pictured with her pet polar bear. The setting appears to be in a frozen tundra, and the two appear to be preparing for an adventure.

The fantasy art style creates a sense of mystery and wonder, leaving the viewer to imagine what sort of adventures the pair will go on.

This painting would make a great addition to any home décor, adding a touch of magic and intrigue. It's sure to inspire the imagination, providing a glimpse into a world of fantastic art.

enchanting fantasy art

9. Jasmine Becket-Griffith

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You would be lucky to get one of Jasmine's original paintings because they sell immediately. Jasmine sells her original acrylic paintings & fine art prints through many galleries and stores.

The dreamy and fantasy artwork will take your imagination to those special places.

dream and fantasy art 

10. Susan Schroder Arts

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A world of mythical realms filled with fantasy paintings, fairy paintings and other fantastical creatures. This artist really knows how to bring the world of fantasy to her collectors.

From magical fairy blossoms to enchanted portals you will enjoy browsing through this art collection.

"I love to seek out the secret places that many may overlook, where faeries, dryads and merfolk dwell."

fantasy illustrators 

11. Delights Fantasy Art

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Explore the magical world of Delight Prescott - SpalI who is a fantasy painter. This artist has been spreading their enchanted paintings and fantasy artworks for over 45 years.

Her favorite genre is painting fantasy artwork and it shows, the paintings and fine art prints are stunning. And she has devoted collectors from all around the world who enjoy her imaginative ideas.

fantasy artworks 

12. Natalie Shau

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Here's a breathtaking piece of fantasy art to hang in your home or office. Look no further than this stunning painting of a mermaid.

The vibrant colors and intricate details are sure to capture your imagination, and the canvas print makes a perfect statement piece for any room.

Large poster prints are also available, making it easy to find the perfect size for your space. Whether you're looking for a unique gift idea or a way to add a touch of magic to your décor, this fantasy painting is sure to make your space fantastical.

best fantasy concept art

13. Earth Angel Arts

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Prepare to spend a lot of time in this shop picking your favorite. This artist paints in the most beautiful way to convey her message of mystical fantasy. Her customers and collectors are raving about how magical and unique her artwork is.

If you are looking for the perfect fantasy artwork for your home or office, then she has a large collection of prints to choose from that are all created from her hand painted originals.

"Painting for me is like creating new worlds of wonder and a never ending story of my day dreams and imaginings. Walks in nature and fairy tales are my favorite inspirations and places to dream."

fantasy art work 

14. Earl Grey Paper

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Beautiful ink, watercolor illustrations, and paintings are just some of the mystical creations that you will enjoy looking at in this shop. They specialize in high fantasy art that is absolutely beautiful.

Customers are raving about her creations and how they take their breath away once they see them in person. Definitely put this artist on your must watch list.

fantastical wall art

15. Emily Louise Heard

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Fantasy art is a genre of artwork that typically features make-believe creatures and worlds. Here are two bunnies that are sharing a special moment while the sky bursts with colors.

Fantasy art is a great way to add some color and excitement to your home décor and this best selling artist takes it to another level of greatness.

colorful fantasy art 

16. Standard Dript

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Step into a mesmerizing realm of enchantment with this extraordinary fantasy art masterpiece, where majestic tree houses are illuminated by the soft glow of firefly lights. T

Transporting you to a world of unparalleled wonder and magic. Prepare to be captivated by the intricate details and ethereal beauty of this breathtaking creation, where imagination knows no bounds.

best fantasy art

17. Meadow Haven

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In a realm of eternal enchantment, two ethereal elves intertwine in an embrace of love. Their graceful depiction and tenderness reflecting a bond that transcends time, capturing the essence of an everlasting and extraordinary romance.

best fantasy art

In conclusion:

The right artwork can set the tone for an entire room, and it can be a great conversation starter for guests.

Whatever your taste, we hope you found the perfect piece of fantasy art to suit your needs from this list.

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