19 BEST Fairy Artists Prints & Paintings [2023]

Here are the best fairy art, paintings and prints for this year.

Hello fairy lovers everywhere. If you are looking for some amazing and unique fairy art then you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of the best fairy art.

There is something about fairy artwork that just draws you in. Maybe it's the ethereal creatures with their delicate wings, or the hint of magic that seems to surround them. Whatever the reason, fairy art has a way of captivating the viewer.

And while there are many different interpretations of these magical creatures, they all have one thing in common: they inspire a sense of wonder.

best fairy art

From fairy paintings to fairy wall art, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy these enchanting creatures. And if you're looking for the perfect gift for a fairy lover, you're sure to find something on our list of the best fairy art.

So whether you're drawn in by their beauty or their mystery or looking for famous paintings of fairies, we hope you'll enjoy exploring the world of fairy art.

Fairy art and fairy paintings are full of mystical wonder aren't they?

Best Fairy Artists, Paintings & Prints


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In a fairy tale world of magic and wonder, there is no greater companionship than that between a fairy and her pet unicorn. This special bond is depicted in stunning detail in this fairy art print, which captures the playful connection between these two ethereal creatures.

The fairy's delicate wings are spread wide as she hugs her beloved pet, which looks at her with love. The stunning colors and graceful flourishes give this painting a fairy-tale like quality that is sure to enchant anyone who sees it.

icanvas ships their artwork in protective packaging so it will arrive safely.

fairy with unicorn art 


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Meet Sarah, professional artist. This shop owner paints enchanted fairies and magical artwork that is perfect for your home or office.

From start to finish, everything is handmade and packaged right from her studio so that she can ensure that her customers are getting the absolute best quality.

Not only can you shop for original paintings and fairy prints. Sarah also offers fairy wing earrings and beautiful butterfly necklaces that any fairy lover will adore.

"Every print is directly printed by me and color matched to ensure the colors are as close to the original as possible."

original fairy paintings


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Here's an artist who paints fairies with acrylic paints. In this fairy Etsy shop you will find digital art prints, original fairy paintings and fairy jewelry. The artist, has been painting professionally for over 20 years and has lots of fairy paintings and prints to choose from.

This is a professional artist who paints fantasy, fairy and surrealism art. She is a concept artist for DreamWorks animation and has painted for How To Train Your Dragon & Puss In Boots. 

Her artwork is featured in galleries, gift shops and on the walls of celebrity clients and is instantly recognizable.

best fairy artists


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Rachel is an artist from the USA who works from her home studio in Pennsylvania. She has been painting since she was very young and has since mastered her skills as a full time artist.

Her favorite media is watercolors and she will often take her paints with her so that she can paint fairies whenever she's inspired to. She adores nature and loves to study the sea and sky. You are going to love browsing her paintings of fairies.

"I love having to work with the flow of the water. The most beautiful washes and blooms come about when you give more control to the movement of the water. I find freedom and calm in painting as it allows me to wander."

watercolor fairy paintings


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Enter the world of whimsical fairies & pixies. Catrin's paintings and prints are so creative and fun.

If you are looking for unique, fairy artwork then you are going to fall in love with her whimsical illustrations.

best fairy artists


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This artist has so many fairy art prints that you are going to need some time to go through to pick out your favorites. They offer rare antique illustrations and fairy graphics that are perfect for a fairy themed nursery or for the young at heart fairy lover.

best fairy art


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With thousands of sales and happy customers, this fairy artist really knows how to treat her customers. Brett loves to paint and it shows in her whimsical and creative artwork.

In this shop you will browse through some of the most enchanting artwork that's all created by hand with watercolor paints. This professional artist also gives back too, and has donated over $45K to wildlife conservation. They have a stunning fairy art gallery full of faerie drawings and art.

pretty fairy art


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A beautiful fairy art print on canvas with lights. This fairy art print is a perfect accent to any fairy themed room in the house or office. Hang this fairy canvas wall art print to bring in magic and wonder.

This fairy print features a mystical fairy that is sitting peacefully on a crescent moon. If you are looking for budget friendly artwork then definitely check out this shop.

fairy art with lights


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In this Etsy shop you are going to find wondrous paintings, prints, and fantasy art that is inspired by nature and fairy tales.

The shop owner Jessie has a great desire to share her artwork with people who love fantasy and fairies. She combines her love of fairy tales with her favorite forest friends and animals. Her faerie drawings almost have a Victorian style to them.

"In each painting I create, I try to combine this early love of fairy tales with the joy I find in nature, in the forests, fields and creeks and also in the amazing animals that inhabit them."

magical fairy art


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Molly Harrison is a famous fairy and fantasy artist from northern California, USA. This fairy artist sells her original paintings and prints online and in galleries worldwide and has been painting professionally since 2003.

She is known for her extremely popular beautiful fairy art, mermaid art, and mystical fantasy animals. Molly Harrison normally paints with watercolors and is also known for her acrylic paintings and creations. She has many fairy pictures to buy that tell a story of fairytale.

fairy artists 


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Shannon Valentine is a fantasy and fairy artist who's been creating magical fairies since she could hold a pencil. In her Etsy shop you are going to enjoy browsing her original fairy paintings, limited edition fairy prints, fairy jewelry and more.

She also has beautiful fairy reproductions of her own original paintings. Everything in Shannon's shop is created and shipped from her home studio.

fairy art prints


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In this shop you are going to find beautiful hand painted watercolor paintings and fine art prints that are created by Amy, the shop owner. There's stunning fairy pictures to buy from this shop for sure.

This fairy artist started painting and creating fairy art professionally after her son was born.

Since then she has been offering her customers her unique style and home décor prints that feature fairies, toadstools and whimsical flowers.

dreamy fairy paintings


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Enter the world of Jasmine Becket-Griffith. Every so often, an artist will come along that has the ability to take us to a magical place that only exists in our imagination.

This artist turns imagination into the most stunning, big-eyed fairies that are enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Jasmine loves her fans and has a fully booked calendar of events throughout the whole year. She is in many art gift guides and art lists for her fantasy fairy paintings.

gothic fairy art


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Created on high quality canvas, each fairy drawing is printed with vivid color. They are easy to keep clean by wiping with a damp cloth. Since they are printed with high quality pigments, they will resist fading. So if you are looking for quality fairy pictures for sale and have a Prime account, this set might be the one you are looking for.

 set of 4 fairy canvas prints


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If you love the look of watercolor paintings mixed with imagination and mystical wonder then you are going to fall in love with the fairy paintings in this shop.

Nancy is a professional full time artist that created paintings for her Etsy shop as well as fine art galleries. Her artwork is featured in magazines, CD covers and on TV & movie sets.

Her customers are raving about her amazing customer service, quick shipping and attention to detail.

If you are looking for a gift idea that kind of looks like a vintage fairy for a fantasy lover in your life, they will fall in love with any fairy print or painting in her shop.

"I paint a lot of mermaids because I love women, the ocean and fantasy. Mermaids are strong and feminine, yet incredibly playful."

best fairy art prints


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This Etsy shop has magical fairies made out of wire. The artist, Robin, loves the whole creative process from start to finish.

She takes the art designing and building to another level using hard industrial materials.

Robin Says: "There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than to stand back and say to yourself “I made that” and be proud of it."

3d fairy art


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For over 20 years Amy Brown's fairy art and fairy paintings have been seen all over the world. You will find her artwork in galleries, boutiques, and on licensed products.

With a love of watercolors, this artist makes her fairies come to life and from time to time, you might even see her beautiful fairies created in colored pencil or inks.

top selling fairy art 


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If you love colorful fairy art and paintings then visit this Etsy shop because this artist' work is stunning. All of her paintings and creations are all created from scratch using acrylic paint.

She has happy customers all over the world and has amazing feedback. Myka Jelina is well known for her stunning big eyed fairies.

fairy wall art


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In the fairy realm, there are little fairy children who live in their treehouse with their pet birds. The fairy children are very creative and love to explore.

They have many fairy adventures together. The fairy children are very happy in their treehouse and love to play with their pet birds as depicted by this amazing artist.

fairy cottage

We hope you have found some magical signed prints directly from the artist, an original fairy painting or canvas print. There's many great options for you that will help you with those extra touches to your fairy themes.

You can even pick and choose from several of these fairy art prints to make a large gallery wall or you can find a perfect piece for a night stand or mantle.

These fairy art prints make fabulous gift ideas for that fairy lover in your life.

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