20 Best Butterfly ART Paintings & Prints [2023]

Here are the best aesthetic butterfly art, paintings and butterfly prints for your home décor ideas. If you love butterfly paintings and are looking for a new piece of artwork for display you have come to the right place.

We have found some of the best butterfly paintings & prints that you might just fall in love with.

Butterfly artists have one thing in common and that's their love of painting beautiful pieces of butterfly wall art and creating best selling artwork. You can even pick and choose from several of these well known butterfly artists to make a gallery wall for your bedroom, office, living room or kitchen.

best butterfly art

And any of these beautiful butterfly paintings make fabulous gift ideas for that person in your life who just loves these little insects.

Some of these artists sell out very quickly because they have a ton of followers on Instagram. Be sure to bookmark this page to check what's new when you are looking for that perfect butterfly painting on canvas or a subtle watercolor butterfly painting.

If you can't find a hand painted original, then there are also gorgeous fine art prints options too.

Best Butterfly Art, Paintings & Prints

1. Sophisticated Butterfly Painting by Claudia Tremblay

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This artist offers stunningly beautiful butterfly pieces, and her originals really steal the spotlight. Her color choices are bold, yet subtle with a touch of innocence.

You will fall in love with not only her butterfly paintings, but her prints as well.

best butterfly art

2. Colorful Butterfly Painting by Olechka Design

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Colorful and fun, these butterfly paintings are sure to bring in a touch of whimsical elegance to your home décor accents.

These butterfly paintings can be shown in any room of the house or office. You can display your favorites wherever you need a splash of color.

butterfly paintings

3. Watercolor Butterfly Painting by Dean Crouser Art

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Splashes of color are sure to get any butterfly lover excited when they take a look at the gorgeous watercolor paintings by Dean Crouser.

The colorful butterfly art will add that special accent to your home and office décor ideas.

watercolor butterfly art

4. Pastel Butterfly Paintings by Hop And Pop

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The butterfly paintings and prints will bring a much needed muted pastel colors to any space in your home or office. A great pick for someone looking to create a soft atmosphere with a touch of nature.

And these butterfly pieces are also a good choice for a nursery or woman's makeup room.

pastel butterfly art

5. Cute Butterfly Prints by Moonlight Art Parlour

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This artist has shown her work all over the world. She specializes in surreal and fantasy artwork and offers butterfly paintings and prints that have a bold and surreal look.

You have to act quick because her paintings sell pretty much as soon as they are listed. If you miss out on an original painting, she also offers canvas art prints of her butterflies.

cute butterfly paintings

6. Butterfly Illustration by Lee White Illustration

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This shop offers beautiful butterfly illustrations that are a great idea for your home interior walls, living room décor or bedroom.

If you are looking for that perfect piece for your guest bedroom that is unique and a conversation starter, then definitely check out the butterfly artwork in this Etsy shop.

modern butterfly art

7. Butterfly Canvas Prints by icanvas

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icanvas is one of those places where you can browse for butterfly artwork from budget friendly pieces up to large statement pieces. Don't forget to check on any sales or coupons before checking out.

best butterfly canvas prints

8. Real Butterfly Display Art by Nature Art Butterflies

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If you love real butterfly displays that are ethically sourced, then this might be your new favorite artist. Their butterfly pieces are hand made with real butterflies that have lived their full lives.

Their acrylic displays would be amazing for any room of the house and also makes a thoughtful gift for someone who loves these little insects.

real butterfly art

9. Butterfly Grass Artwork by Bug Under Glass

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Ethically sourced butterflies is what this artist is passionate about. All of their insects come from a sustainable source and are not endangered.

Once you look at their stunning butterfly pieces, you can't forget them. They are truly beautiful.

butterfly under glass art

10. Vintage Butterfly Poster by Michigan Studio

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Customers are raving about these butterfly prints. They are great to add a vintage touch to any room in your home or office.

A high quality reproduction print that features a variety of butterflies. You have the choice of purchasing the print by itself, or upgrading to a wood display.

best butterfly paintings

11. Canvas Butterfly Art by pkone

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The butterfly canvas prints are made with high quality printing materials to give you a vibrant butterfly print that will last for years. They also use a high quality UV-resistant canvas and printing process so that your butterfly artwork will not fade or discolor.

Butterfly prints are the perfect choice for wall decor such as home, kitchen, living room, bedroom, guest room, bathroom, dining room.

butterfly canvas prints

12. Original Butterfly Painting by Candace Fincher

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Stunning butterflies and glorious paintings & prints are just a few of the stunning pieces that you will find in this shop.

And if you are looking for that perfect gift idea for that butterfly lover in your life, you will find the most delightful little butterfly stickers and cards.

butterfly prints

13. Personalized Butterfly Artwork by Luv Of Mine Designs

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This is the shop to visit when you need a custom butterfly art piece. This butterfly art is a perfect décor accent to a home office & girl's room décor.

Looking for a unique gift idea for your next baby shower? Customize this butterfly artwork with your favorite color of wings.

personalized butterfly prints

14. Soulful Butterfly Artwork by Mari Pruks Gifts

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This butterfly artist has the ability to keep their artwork in the minds of their collectors long after they see them. There's plenty of butterfly paintings and artwork in this shop when you are looking for a gift idea or for a new gorgeous piece for your home décor accents.

Sometimes words are not enough to express your true love and care towards other people in your life.

best butterfly art

15. Aesthetic Butterfly Artwork by Ornaments by Fezziwigs

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Brighten up your home or office with their beautifully detailed butterfly paintings. The rich colors will compliment any décor style to bring your walls to life.

If you are looking for the perfect butterfly artwork for your home or office, then this Etsy shop might have exactly what you are looking for.

butterfly paintings

16. Butterfly Watercolors by Alisa Adamsone Art

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Customers are raving about her butterfly creations and how they take their breath away once they see them in person. Definitely put this artist on your must watch list.

Her butterfly prints and paintings will be that perfect accent that you need for your nature and butterfly themed décor.

butterfly watercolor paintings

17. Butterfly Wall Art Prints by Xuwell

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Here's an Amazon shop that offers butterfly prints that have inspirational sayings. Customers are loving how these look in their nursery and kids rooms for that extra pop of color.

These chic unframed art prints enhance the beauty of your room with their unique and artistic look.

butterfly art prints

18. Large Butterfly Art by Clark Oil Art

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Mystical butterflies and oversized canvas art prints are just a couple of the stunning pieces that you will find in this shop.

And if extra large butterfly paintings and prints are what you are looking for then you will find the perfect accents for your living room, bedroom or office.

large butterfly paintings

19. 3D Butterfly Art Displays by Lavish Home Store

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This butterfly artwork will add a touch of whimsical class to any room in the house or office.

The magical and colorful butterflies flutter around the flowers and leaves. You can use this display for lots of décor styles from classic to contemporary.

3d butterfly wall art

20. Original Butterfly Creations by Mary Sparrow Fine Art

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For those who are on the search for a true hand painted original butterfly piece, don't hesitate when you find the perfect one from this shop. They sell out very quickly.

The good news is that if you miss out on an original, this artist also offers stunning prints of her fluttery butterflies.

original butterfly paintings

21. Cottage Aesthetic Butterfly Art

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Transport yourself to a whimsical garden full of fluttering butterflies with this stunning art print. The delicate lines and soft colors of the butterflies bring a romantic touch, while the glimmering gold accents add a touch of enchantment.

This art print is a top seller for any cottage home, bringing warmth and charm to any room.

aesthetic butterfly art

In Conclusion:

Butterfly art prints make great wall art décor ideas for a few reasons:

1. They add color and life to any room. Whether you are hanging them in your home or office, butterfly art prints are sure to brighten up the space.

2. Hand painted butterfly paintings are one-of-a-kind, so you can be sure that your butterfly wall art décor is truly special, especially when purchasing from an Etsy seller.

3. Butterfly décor is a great way to show off your personality.

4 Prints that have a butterfly theme make great gifts for any occasion. Especially for someone who loves insects or for a housewarming gift.

5. Art is affordable so you can find budget friendly artwork options from this list.

So if you're looking for an easy and affordable way to add some personality to your space, butterfly art prints are a great option.

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