11 BEST Electronic SHIPPING Label Makers [2023]

Here are the best electronic address label makers. Are labels a must in your daily work or home business? If you're printing our labels for your home, Etsy shop or business then yes, they are. Here are our top electronic address label makers.




The DYMO is an inexpensive handheld address label maker that is easy to use and comes with a bold large screen. It prints standard address formats and has a manual cutter.

This label printer is lightweight but not really compact in size - about the size of a large Smartphone. No batteries included.

The DYMO Labelmanager 160 is a fast, simple label maker that's easy to take with you. Quickly type text on the computer-style QWERTY keyboard.

You can edit with one-touch fast-formatting keys, and print perfect, professional labels every time. Compact and lightweight for portability, making it easy to label just about anything, anywhere.

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2. PHOMEMO M220 Address Label Maker


The Phomemo M220 address printer is great if you want to print lots of address labels because it uses thermal technology, meaning you only need to restock on labels and not inks.

This label maker has a really great battery life too, the battery will give you up to 36 rolls of continuous printing. It has a one-click use.

So that means you can use text, pictures, barcodes, QR codes, OCR, hundreds of icons, and many pre-made templates. These options make it a perfect label maker for commercial and home use.

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3. Makeid Label Maker

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This label maker is an excellent choice for quickly creating address labels for envelopes. With its easy-to-use design and fast printing capabilities, it allows for efficient label printing on demand, saving time and effort when sending out letter mail or packages.

4. Rollo Shipping Printer

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This commercial-grade printer is compatible with multiple shipping platforms and can handle labels up to 4 inches wide, making it the perfect choice for any business.

With easy setup and use, you'll be able to produce professional-looking labels in no time.

5. Nelko Bluetooth Shipping Printer

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With a Bluetooth printer, you can print labels straight from your phone or tablet, giving you the freedom to pack and ship from anywhere in your workspace.

Plus, you don't have to sacrifice quality or speed - these printers print just as fast and accurately as their wired counterparts.

6. Jadens Bluetooth Thermal Printer

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This is a thermal printer that has a Japanese high tech thermal print head. tThis will give you 203 DPI high printing quality. The label holder and extra 50 sheets labels provided. No ink or toner required.

Label size: labels width ranges from 1.57" to 4.1"

7. BROTHER P-TOUCH QL-500 Address Label Maker


The Brother address labeling system is a little different from the ones above: it has a color screen and allows you to use one of 10 included templates or create your own address labels from scratch.

The device attaches directly to your keyboard so that labeling hard to reach objects becomes very easy. It's also possible to connect it to your computer via USB if needed - perfect for personalizing address labels before printing them.

This address label maker can handle up to 50 standard address labels per minute with crisp printing.

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8. iDPRT Thermal Label Maker

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Thermal label makers are efficient and time-saving tools for Etsy shops, allowing sellers to quickly print professional-looking shipping labels without the need for ink or toner.

This streamlines the shipping process, ensuring that orders can be fulfilled promptly, which can result in increased customer satisfaction and positive reviews.

9. Zebra ZSB Label Maker

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Zebra SSB label makers are ideal for small businesses as they are designed to offer high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective label printing solutions.

These label makers are easy to use, making them versatile tools for small businesses that need to label products, inventory, and shipping materials.

The ZSB Series 300 DPI label printer prints up to 73 labels per minute.



This address labeling system from DYMO is what you'd normally see in large companies: a super fast address label printer capable of keeping up with hundreds of addresses/minute (especially when connecting directly to your PC).

This address label maker is a thermal printer so you will never have to purchase ink again. Their direct thermal printing technology eliminates the cost of ink and toner so this will save you a ton of money in the long run.

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When you need a smaller and less expensive label maker, then you might like this one by Seiko. It is easy to use and supports all major label formats. The thermal printing technology makes it so you never need to buy inks again.

You can connect this label printer via USB to your PC or Mac, running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. The user-friendly design makes it super easy to load or change labels. They also have a smart label software, so that it makes it even easier to create, format, print, and save all the labels you need.

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